Early Run Late Row

Early start to the day with a run in the rain from home to work…getting through the door just in time to get sorted before taking some friends through their paces. The noise of rain outside when I was up at 0415 wasn’t overly encouraging but once I was out in amongst the weather it was really good…there’s something about playing sport or whatever in the pouring rain. In my days of State League Soccer (Tas), pouring rain for night games was my favourite…being there more for grunt than a deft touch, it tended to bring the slick players down to my level a bit  😉

My original plan was to run into work, train in the afternoon and run home again.  Unfortunately, this was thwarted by one unhappy calf muscle when I was around 2km from the office.  I was able to finish the run off, but it was definitely not worth aggravating that again on the way home.  It’s still pretty tender but I’m sure it’ll subside soon enough.  I’m guessing the main causes may be some residual stiffness from the 20km on Monday and possibly the introduction of Sorbothane insoles.  I hope the insoles aren’t responsible because my knees and ITBs were pleasantly silent for the full duration.

The epicentre of this calf pain is exactly where Locky indicated there may be some issues during our session on Wednesday afternoon. Thanks for putting the mockas on me, bud….something else for you to fix now.  We wouldn’t want you to get bored now, would we?

The time wasn’t record breaking but it felt good.


Run 14.1km carrying approximately 5.0kg.  Predominantly flat terrain with a couple of quick hills.  I had to slow down a bit when the calf started squealing which was disappointing.

Time:   1hr 13min | 5:12min/km       Avg HR:  158bpm      Energy:  1,137kcal


Row 10.0km while working within a pre-defined interval training map on my Polar RS800CX.  This effectively had my overall row time at around 88% of my Time Trial pace.  The format consisted of 15mins at “Light Intensity” (118bpm) followed by a series of 1km 90%/rest intervals until the 10.0km mark arrived.

Time:   41:47  |  2:05.3/500m     Avg HR:  127bpm    Max HR:  159bpm    Energy:  500kcal



Body blasters

Otherwise known as burpee to chin-up to toes-to-bar.

< 51 >

With me spouting on about running/rowing pace, energy expenditure and interval training by heart rate, it’s probably a good time to remind everyone that if you’re interested in picking up some fantastic heart rate monitor kit, hit the link below and follow the prompts to score a massive 25% discount and free shipping for any product in the Polar range.  I don’t get anything for referrals but can assure you the gear is solid.


The training and the niggles are all for a great cause.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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