No training for this guy today, boys and girls.  I feel like I should post some kind of update though so you don’t think I’m getting lazy….so here’s some superfluous news for you…

It’s starting to feel like I’m spending more time talking about why I can’t train than anything else.  Aside from having a great Father’s Day with some cool prezzies and an afternoon at Gold Class courtesy of birthday vouchers, my day was hijacked by some really intense stomach pain.  I have no idea where it has come from as there was only good food going in on Sunday, but it was sharp, nasty and peaking at around 8/10.  Before I go on, as a die-hard Bourne fan it kills me to strongly advise against sitting yourself in front of the lastest in the series, The Bourne Legacy.  I’ve read the book and the movie plot was absolutely nothing like it…the only similarity was the bloody title. What a let down….the book rocked.

I didn’t feel 100% getting up this morning but I thought it was manageable and there was stuff that had to get done at the office anyway.  It wasn’t long after getting this work done that I realised I needed to get horizontal again. My gut wasn’t happy….home to rest.  Tried to get an appointment with the quack but no luck so have one booked for tomorrow morning in case I’m still under the weather. Not happy.

Hopefully knowing my recovery is just around the corner, the universe is forcing more mileage onto me…the repairers for my motorbike accident are coming around to collect the bike this evening.  Not sure when I’ll be getting it back, but would think at least a couple of weeks.  More running.  More cycling.  Not unhappy about that really….it’s easier when other choices are taken away from you. I just want to be well enough to get stuck back into it.


At least what ails me is short term….a far cry from those with ME/CFS.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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