Getting Closer

Before I get into today’s wrap-up, I have to share this with you.  A good mate at the Club was the recipient of a gauntlet being thrown to the ground, courtesy of a work colleague.  This particular colleague was pretty happy to trap on about his past and present athleticism…touting that even at his ripe old age, could still pull 100m in 11 seconds.  Gareth is not a stranger to banter, piss-taking and competitive good humour….quite accomplished in this field actually.  This being the case, he could hardly allow the opportunity to pass by without giving his dues.  A challenge ensued.  A one-off, bragging rights 100m sprint race on a certified track under the supervision of witnesses and the ‘weight in gold’ value of digital video.

At 185cm+ and just south of 100kg, Gareth is a lover of CrossFit, rugby, golf and beer.  Now I know he won’t mind me saying that the 100m sprint is probably not something he would rate as a preferred event.  As such, his “quiet” confidence should have served as an alarm for his somewhat cocky colleague.

I won’t ramble on any further…but will treat you to this spectacle of human performance.

Today was an uneventful Friday, but it’s a Friday none-the-less! Bring on the weekend…another week passes and the race looms ever closer.

I’m really starting to feel a bit of a pre-race buzz building in my gut now…mind you, this would constitute the only “building” going on in my body right now as it continues to morph in some kind of a “reverse Hulk” experiment.  I’m not saying I was ever Hulk-like, but the combination of injury management, high-end conditioning work and more mileage than I’ve done in many years has stripped 3kg of ‘good weight’ off an already lean frame and my training buddies are happy to remind me on a regular basis….losing sight of me behind light posts and sniggering quietly at the weights I’m handling.

Maybe it’s not quite this bad, but it bloody feels like it…

To give these ‘mates’ of mine a little more ammo….here’s today’s workload.  Not a massive day by any stretch, but the race prep is feeling good…I am really looking forward to hitting the bush with the family and getting some outdoor training done in a couple of weeks.


Ride 14.1km to work at 80%

Average heart rate 125bpm   Consumption 373kcal   Time  35:20


Roller, stick and stretches for 40 minutes



Maximum Effort:  Back squat

Work up to a 2RM weight and complete 5 rounds of 2 reps with a full rest between sets.  Ensure depth takes the crease of the hip below the knee.


To be honest, I could have gone a little heavier, but I’m cautious of bringing on any injury unnecessarily.  I don’t care how broken I am after the race, but for now I need to operate with some limited safety margins. 

Rest 5:00


For time complete reps of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Kettlebell front squats (2x 24.0kg), Reverse burpees*

< 16:29 >

* Reverse burpees: Supine on floor, straight over-reached leg raise (feet almost to the floor, overhead), drive legs down to create momentum to standing position then into a static handstand against a wall = 1 rep


Ride 14.1km to home at 65%

Average heart rate 96bpm   Consumption 383kcal   Time  36:10


This project is all about a highly misunderstood illness.  So many people suffer silently.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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