After a nicely chilled out weekend it is back into the swing of things. No cycling into work today though…my beloved MTB was missing gear changes all over the place last week so I dropped it in for a quick service….just in time for the longer days, better weather and drier tracks.  Our favourite MTB haunt is usually around Lysterfield Park (home of the 2006 Commonwealth Games Mountain Bike circuit)…not far from home, 20km of great tracks and a magic fresh water dam to swim in afterwards.  How good does this look?…

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, give the bike a click to check out the trail map.

My train home will take me straight to the doorstep of our local GIANT dealer, so I should be back on the road again bright and early tomorrow morning.


3x 800m at 2° w/ 3 minute rest between rounds


Maximum effort for weighted dynamic lunges 8x 3 reps (each leg) with weight carried in the back-squat position.  90sec rest between each round.

< 70.0kg >


As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of 3 static handstands, 6 walking lunges, 9 sit-ups.

The static handstands should be handstand presses but my torn rotator cuff cannot cope with that right now….static reps at least deliver a workload to challenge stability and control.  

< 9 rounds >


Run 3x 800m at 2° w/ 3 minute rest between rounds

Nice start to the week. No niggles, aches or mystery pains….I’m not getting too excited given the distances were pretty short but at least it shows some recovery in that pesky calf strain. I was enjoying the runs, but the clock was working against me as I had to get onto the train in time to pick up the MTB….the short ride home was enough to feel a massive difference in all the cables/brakes etc. Noice.


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