Ride & Rehab

On the agenda today, a good cracking of the joints and some encouraging feedback on the state of all things shoulder and ITB.  All going well, I’ll be looking for some dry needling and massage for Friday evening or Saturday morning if I can score an appointment at short notice.

I can’t overstate how big a part these osteo sessions have played in my prep work.  The transformation from an exercise pattern largely underpinned by short, intense sessions moving reasonable amounts of weight to one that is primarily high-rep and long distance work has definitely revealed niggles, deficiencies and other various nasties that have been somewhat dormant.  Having my appointments moved from weekly to fortnightly is a good sign of things progressing well. All in all, this experience has proven to be a very worthwhile exercise…it’s all a part of making yourself as athletically well-rounded and capable as you can.

Make “not specialising” your speciality….routine is the enemy. Do something different.

We had a good chat about my shoulder surgery too….booked in for 11 December at this stage.  For those that aren’t aware, I have a full thickness tear of the supraspinatus tendon in my right shoulder (aka:  rotator cuff)…repairable only by surgery.  The night pain is a shocker…as is the reduced mobility, muscle wastage and loss of general strength. The last part of the prep and rehab process prior to the race will be an ultrasound guided cortisone injection to ensure I can give absolutely everything of myself.  Once the job is done, I can’t wait for this thing to get fixed permanently….here’s a nice animation of what I have to look forward to…


Ride 14.1km to work at 75%

Average heart rate 137bpm   Consumption 463kcal   Time  37:44


Mobility WOD

My favourite and relatively well-proven sequence of mobility drills and stretches….felt great on the back of the osteopathy appointment.


Ride 14.1km to home at 75%

Average heart rate 131bpm   Consumption 385kcal   Time  34:30


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