TFI Friday

Firstly, a massive “thank you” to all those in the Tough Mudder community who have been accepting my FaceBook friend requests as I seek to circulate the circumstances behind my race entry.  By kindly accepting that request you are included in the registered “Followers” of this blog and from there contribute to the momentum that will make a difference….and who knows….you might even enjoy the blog too  🙂 

A good weekend ahead we hope.  We’re off to Pei Modern for dinner with Locky (osteopathic genius and part-time legend) and his partner, Lauren on Saturday evening….should be a great night out.  Locky and I both form part of the ‘pit-crew’ for the restaurant owners…both very kind people who have handed me a voucher for dinner at their award-winning restaurant.  I’ve even been equipped with a “you must order” list already, so the pain of making the right menu call has already been numbed.  Thanks, Donna 🙂  

It has to be said that the majority of the population take a night out for dinner for granted. For us, it’s a bit different…for those suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis signficant preparation is required to ensure there’s enough strength on board to be able to carry it off.  Even then the post-dinner penalty can sometimes be severe. Whether brought on by food sensitivites (highly prevalent in those suffering from ME) or by the sheer physical effort of getting out and socialising…these are some of the reasons why ME, sadly, can dissolve even the stongest friendships. I strongly believe that the better people understand this devastating illness, the less likely consequences such as this will be forced upon those that suffer from it.  It’s a tough gig, there’s no doubt about it.

Our boys are both going strong in the middle of all this.  Liam is counting down the hours until he waves goodbye to his school days…adventure lies ahead for this guy, I have no doubt….meanwhile as Angus quietens his mind (ha!) for high school, he is also now expressing interest in the artform known as Parkour or Free Running.  For those that are not familiar with this highly physical and somewhat risky past time, here’s a little video to give you a hint.  I’ve just increased our private health cover.

To business….today’s training to cap off the week…


Ride 14.1km to work at 70%

Average heart rate 126bpm   Consumption 372kcal   Time  35:37


10 rounds, for time of the couplet 800m run at a 2° incline and 10 kettlebell swings at 32.0kg

< 48:58 >

This was a good session to replicate the likely run/work intervals of the World’s Toughest Mudder course.  I wasn’t out to break any records but to just settle into a pace that felt sustainable.  The kettlebell swings were executed with a bit more aggression though.

I had to get this out of the way in readiness for my myotherapy session with Nikki at 3pm.  The primary intention of this appointment being to fix up the slight calf niggle that remains on my left side…it’s only quiet, but I want it silenced.  I’m thinking dry needling should be good for it.

Following this, a few quiet beers with some of the boys after work is on the agenda….we have a mate down from Sydney and that serves as a good reason to get together and beat our chests for an hour or two. I’ll be on the train getting home which will force me to run into work on Monday to collect the faithful MTB, provided the feedback from today’s myotherapy is good news.

Have a great weekend all.  Enjoy whatever you’re into.


The training, preparation and sweat are for those that suffer this illness in silence.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia


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