Flying Colours

The weekend was a good one.  Saturday was spent with a sleep-in and a cruisy afternoon while we searched out a worthy sale  that would bestow upon me a new suit with which to replace my current circa-2009 one which is on the verge of disintegrating. The final result was a sharp charcoal number from Saba…that’ll do nicely, thanks.

As mentioned in the last post, we were out to dinner at Pei Modern with Locky and partner, Lauren (yes, Locky…I even wore my new suit for you, buddy)….our opportunity to say thanks to Locky for giving so much of his time and treatment to keep my body from falling apart while preparing for this race.  All the training involved is quite a contrast to how I would normally train, so there has been no shortage of niggles and issues to deal with, and silence. So far, mission accomplished.  Not surprisingly, the Pei Modern food and service were absolutely first class.  Was a great night out.

Unfortunately, as predicted, Marcelle struggled as a consequence.  She was completely exhausted and bed-ridden all day Sunday, only sending me text messages around lunch time today to say she was feeling a little better.  It’s a hefty price to pay but she really enjoyed the food and the company, and was happy that we were able to escape the house for a night. For us, and for over 180,000 other Australian families, this is normal.


Run 14.1km in full “daytime” race kit.

Temp 11°C   |   Load 8.0kg   |   Time 75:14   |   Energy 1,167 kcal   |   Avg HR 158

“Daytime race kit” consisted of loaded backpack, barefoot trail runners, compression socks, thermal socks, thermal tights, compression top, 2mm short arm/leg wetsuit, t-shirt and fuel belt.

This was a very worthwhile exercise.  The distance would be equal to around one lap of the World’s Toughest Mudder 2012 course, the temperature was cold enough to sustain the wetsuit and the loaded back pack increased the intensity enough to maybe simulate the added weight of water and mud carried in just about every crack you have.  This was also a great test of confidence in the calf niggle…I was deliberately running at a long-term sustainable pace while being conscious of my foot strike.  A few sites I’ve been to also recommended focussing on pulling through more with the hamstring while relaxing the quads….this felt good too.  Thanks to good urban planning, I managed to spend about 80% of the run on grass courtesy of the nature strips that are everywhere in Melbourne.

I did have a false start though…I ran about 20m up the road before my ‘nether regions’ made it very clear they were not happy about the chaffing hazard that lay in waiting.  I returned home where I stood inside the front door, pulled off the 100 layers I had on and rushed to apply some anti-chaffing balm to my “at risk” bits and cracks.  The rush here was predominantly due to the sound of my 12yo son coming down the stairs as I was determined to not mentally scar him for life. Not an image he needs to take to school with him.

At around the 45 minute mark of the run, I decided to try a sample of a low-volume, high-calorie fuel source, Hammer Perpetuem Solid. This stuff comes as these big tablet looking things and is supposed to deliver around 30 calories per tablet, with a recommendation to eat 1-4 every hour.  Here’s some advice for those looking to give it a try…if you like eating chalk – get some, if you like eating chalk that turns into goo that glues your tongue to the roof of your mouth – get some….and I only ate one of these!  I’d still be incapable of coherent speech if I ate four.  Aside from this, god help you if they got wet in your fuel belt or bag…it’d look like some bizzare science experiment.  Thanks for the offer, but I’ll be sticking with gels in my fuel belt and Hammer Perpetuem (mix with water/powder) carried in a 3.0L CamelBak.  Salty treats / hot options will be waiting in my tent.



Dynamic effort (aggressive, no pausing):  Strict chin-up completing 3 reps on the minute, every minute for 10 minutes.  Carry a weight equal to 50%1RM.

< 10.0kg >


For time, complete reps of 30-25-20-15-10 for the couplet of 9.0kg medball cleans and pull-ups.

< 12:10 >


Ride 14.1km to home at 70%

Average heart rate 126bpm   Energy 382kcal   Time  38:25


Every “you weirdo” look I got while running it a wetsuit today was for a great cause.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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