Gut Crusher

I made contact with some great people today, making donations and offering to help circulate this blog through various national networks.  This assistance is critical as we continue to make this project’s footprint as large as possible….hopefully providing people with a better understanding of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and what it means for those affected. Every bit counts.

There are a few other things I’m working on which are essentially along the same line…all tentative at this stage, but I’ll definitely be making some noise if any of these come through…stay tuned.

For those that are receiving these posts and are competing in any Tough Mudder events….whether the series final in the US or some local events….make good use of the links at the top left of this site which will connect you with other Mudders from Australia, US and NZ, either via a FaceBook group or an on-line forum.  This is a great bunch of people who are really happy to share ideas, training, gear reviews and general morale support. It’s been a huge benefit for me and I’m hopeful that any advice I’ve thrown in there in the process has been equally helpful to others.

Today wasn’t a bad day’s training…feeling good with the various drills.  The MTB riding has also been a great way to start and finish each day….still compulsory as I haven’t had my Honda VFR800FI (or Honda Interceptor if you’re in the US) returned from the repairer yet, but this isn’t a major problem. So long as it’s back by the weekend, all shall be well.


Ride 14.1km to work at 65%

Average heart rate 117bpm   Energy 282kcal   Time  30:36



Three rounds, for time of 1 minute hollow rocks, 20 pistol squats (single leg squats – alternating sides), 1 minute hollow rocks.

< 15:38 >

This was a punishing workout for the midline…the back-to-back hollow rocks at the turnover of each round was particularly nasty.  For those that are unfamiliar with hollow rocks, I hope the video below is helpful.  They’re a very simple and effective way to load the midline/core.

[ if you have trouble viewing the video, click here to navigate to YouTube ]


12x 200m sprints with 90 second rest between rounds.

< treadmill 18.0kph, 2° >

If using a treadmill, set incline to 2° to simulate outdoor surface friction.


Ride 14.1km to home at 70%

Average heart rate 129bpm   Energy 392kcal   Time  36:26


The residual pain of the ‘punished gut’ effect from today’s session was for a great cause.  Please consider a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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