Mobility = Performance

Sorry that this week’s training isn’t going to feature a lot of variety, but it’s all a necessary evil in the interests of “engine management”.  To keep that ball rolling, I have an osteopathy appointment with Locky tomorrow followed by a massage on Thursday…all aiming to be ‘race ready’ by the weekend for the bush run.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast is not looking as perfect as our last trip to ‘the Prom’, but it’ll do.

On a public-relations note, the Tough Mudder Mechanics project will soon be circulated to over 1,200 Melbourne email addresses courtesy of  City Club Health & Fitness and Grand Hyatt Melbourne.  This can only serve to aid our cause and widen the much-needed exposure for the Myalgic Ecephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome community.


Ride 14.1km to home at 70%

Average heart rate 124bpm   Energy 368kcal   Time  33:08


Six exercises for maximum mobility…

With this constant reference to a 10-minute squat test as shown above, I thought it might be good to introduce you to the ‘author’ of this sequence, Kelly Starrett, and hear what he has to say about this particular stretch test.

If you have trouble viewing this video, click here to navigate to YouTube.


Thirty minutes of roller and band work for calves, quads and ITBs.  Adam & Max took me through some pretty uncomfortable stretches this afternoon which I’ll definitely be adding to my repertoire.


Ride 14.1km to home at 70%

Average heart rate 121bpm   Energy 313kcal   Time  37:13


Stretching is an act of kindness for your body.  Another way to show kindness is by making a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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