Pack ‘n Stack

Well after a day featuring one hour of mobility drills, a one hour massage (thanks Oz), reports and hand-overs, it’s time for some “get-the-hell-out-of-dodge” action.  With Marcelle zoning into ‘on task’ mode, she powered through grocery shopping, cooking and prepping to get all our collective kit ready for four days at Wilson’s Promontory National Park.  The weather is still looking a bit dodgy but I’m sure we’ll still score some sunshine here and there.  After work, the entire evening was spent gathering up all my training kit for World’s Toughest Mudder, downloading movies (for Gus to watch if we’re stuck in the tents at any stage) and generally trying to minimise the workload for the morning so we can get of to an early-ish start.

Our preparations were insignificant in comparison to Marcelle’s nearest and dearest cousin and best bud, Melissa’s saga today. Mel and her three kids are coming down with us and she too has been working her butt off to get their trusty camper-van ready to go.  Setting it all up, cleaning it, stocking it with stuff….hours of work.  Then to discover that the nice Honda 4WD they recently purchased seems to be missing a tow ball.  A quick ring around to find quotes to have one fitted did not help much either….with the best offer coming in at $600 this was not a viable option.  In typical Mel style…the solution….buy a bloody tent and start again.  Poor bugger.  We’re glad she’s hung in there though…the kids will have fun together and she’s great company.

So Mudder-lovers, for the next four days or so I’ll be signing off.  The plan is to get ourselves down there as soon as we can and get settled in.  Saturday will be spent hangin’ out and watching the AFL Grand Final streamed to my iPad2, while Sunday is the impending epic test….to see what I’ve really got in the tank.

Around 60km+ of trail/beach running with intentions of making it back to camp in darkness so I can experience running with the headlamp on and reaching my “race transition tent” to stretch a bit and then climb into a full wetsuit before doing a run down the beach…in and out of the water for a while before coming back to get changed again.  Transition, gear set-up and feeding while fatigued, wet and cold is something I need to get a feel of well before race day.  I don’t want any surprises that may bring on injuries or screw with my head.  Cross your fingers for me.

I’m running the tracks shown in blue on the map below (the red trails are closed due to severe flooding and landslides a couple of years ago….all still under repair). Starting at Tidal River I will be working my way around the map anti-clockwise before cutting across to Telegraph Junction on the way back.  I’ll be carrying my new CamelBak MULE with 3.0L of carbohydrate mix, beef jerky, nuts/seeds, more Hammer Perpetuem powder (consuming 500ml water and two scoops every hour), Hammer Endurolytes (two caps every hour), anti-chafe balm, tiger balm (better not get those two mixed up in the dark), pain killers, strapping tape, carbohydrate powder, leatherman, headlamp, strobe light, batteries, emergency phone, music, map, thermal top and beanie.  The run will be completely mapped out by my Polar G5 GPS and I’ll be wearing 2XU athletic kit with New Balance Minimus shoes.  I have a good feeling about this run…body feels right, head feels right.

Let’s just hope that my next blog post isn’t made courtesy of Channel 9 News.

Enjoy your weekend, guys and girls….we’ll touch base again on Tuesday night.


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