Easy Does It, Old Fella

Allowing only a four day break from running since Sunday’s 63km epic at Wilson’s Prom may have been a tad optimistic.  I was up and at ’em at around 0450 this morning to run the 14km to work…feeling really good.  Unfortunately, I had to abort and suck down the bitter pill of reality at the 4km mark when I started to get some nasty pain through my right anterior tibialis (the extensor muscle that runs down the front of the shin and straightens or lifts the foot)…identical to what I ended up with after running the two Tough Mudder races at Phillip Island earlier this year. Did I feel like an absolute tool sitting on the train in full running kit? Oh yeah….nice one, old man.

On the previous occasion, I put the injury down to using the wrong footwear and thought I had killed it off when I felt so good last weekend.  However, this is clearly an overuse injury and needs sorting out.  After seeing Locky today for my regular dose of osteopathy he had it strapped it up and directed me to seek out some water running over the weekend to kick off the rehab process. I have no right to be sooking about it all though…he claims I’m in good shape after such a long run and I’m a dumbarse if I ever thought I would walk away from it with zero baggage.  The overall mission was a huge success, now I just need to reset and be ready to repeat it (two and a half times over) in 42 days time.

So…once again, rowing and cycling will become two of my dearest friends.  It worked last time, it will work again. Next week, training will resume in earnest.

While I will still adhere to Locky’s advice as I do “all” of the time, I had already knocked over a bit of training before our appointment.  Here are the numbers for you…

Run / Row Intervals

  • Run 8x 500m at 75% with 2 minute recovery at 65% between rounds.

Time:  23:24     Avg HR: 133     Energy: 295 kcal

  • Row 6x 800m at 90% with 5 minute recovery at 65% between rounds

Time:  49:23     MaxHR:  171 bpm (96%)     Energy: 581 kcal


It feels great to push your limits and tread new ground.  Those with ME/CFS face similar challenges with tasks the rest of us take for granted.

Please support this cause by making a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.

2 thoughts on “Easy Does It, Old Fella

  1. As you well know mate rest is as important as a workout , and it takes just as much strength to rest as it does to pump yourself up for that run , don’t risk WTM at this late stage. Good luck with recovery.

    • Thanks mate. I feel great about the overall result. This is just a blip on the radar to sort out. I’m really glad I did it…no regrets. Hope you’re traveling well. Cheers, S


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