Back Into Full Swing

Having shaken off the effects of my epic run around Wilson’s Prom, it was time to get back into building my endurance base as the starting date for World’s Toughest Mudder 2012 draws closer and closer…I am officially counting down the days.

I was approaching today’s training with some apprehension, only because it is often difficult to get the momentum up and running again after peaking….making this session as much of a mental challenge as it was physical. While I was really hurting in the back half of the row time trial I was even visualising myself at 4am during the race…asking myself “Would you consider pulling out then?”….”No way, you say?? Then don’t even permit the thought of pulling out now, you idiot. Row.”


Ride 14.1km to work at 75%

Average heart rate 139bpm Energy 490kcal Time 36:24



Complete, for time, reps of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Muscle-up, Hip-thigh extension w/ static 2x 32kg kettlebells held in a static bench press position

<50:49 >

While the tear in my shoulder/rotator cuff does not like the action of the ring dip required at the top of a muscle up, I was able to work through the pull-up and transition while I ended the rep when I had stabilised and was ready to press out. My ring dips are pretty strong so I was happy with this compromise. The pull and transition are definitely the hardest parts and excellent rehearsal work for scaling obstacles.


Row 10km at time trial pace.

I was dreading this but was able to deliver a PB…I generally respond well to a target number and pushed myself enough to just slip by my previous time of 37:37.2 by a mere 11.3 seconds. After sustaining my heart rate at 93% for 37 minutes I was a bit delirious by the end but satisfied by the result.

< 37:25.9 >

Average HR 165bpm (93%) Maximum HR 174bpm (98%) Energy 689kcal


Ride 14.1km to home at 70%

Average heart rate 131bpm Energy 452kcal Time 36:09


It feels good to push yourself and set personal bests. A personal best for someone with ME/CFS can mean they were able to get their groceries without being bed ridden the following day.

Please help these people and support this worthy cause by making a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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