Bounce Back

Well after yesterday’s picture of devastation following Marcelle’s first day of instructor training with her new job, I spent most of my time today nearly consumed with worry for her.  She had a rough start this morning with the cancellation of her train into town forcing her to swap lines and muck around to eventually reach her destination a bit late, but not the last to arrive 🙂  I rescheduled PT clients to get the boys on their way to school before heading to work.

I tried to get home as early as I could to make sure the boys were sorted and to get dinner on the go before she arrived home…basmati rice, shredded spinach/salad greens, seasoned mushrooms and barbequed marinated chicken thigh fillets.  My cooking repertoire is limited to about three dishes, but they’re fit for human consumption.  It was a massive relief to see her walk through the door in much better shape than yesterday.  Make no mistake…still shattered…but not in pieces.  Even better to see her feeling positive about the day ahead tomorrow.  It’s 8.30pm and she’s taking herself to bed.

Tomorrow’s a busy day…a few PT clients, training, work and stuff.  The boys will be getting themselves sorted in the morning…Gus will give me a call at work when he’s leaving for school.  Next week I’m going to destroy my training…with the luxury of Marcelle’s mum, Alida, staying with us I can get some extra work done. I need to make the most of the next few weeks before I back right off for the fortnight before the race.  Already have a few nasty ideas rolling around in my head. Stay tuned.

Today’s training was short, but effective.  Posterior chain work with some high dependence on grip strength thrown in for good measure.


Dynamic effort:  10 rounds, 2 reps of sumo deadlift at 85% 1RM every 60 seconds

< 110.0kg >

Dynamic effort requires the athlete to move the bar as quickly as possible with sound technique.


As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of 10 deadlifts at body weight (80.0kg), 10 chin-ups, 20 hanging knees-t0-elbows.

< 4 rounds, 10 deadlifts, 10 chin-ups >

There were two significant combinations here….one – the overloading effect to the posterior chain via the heavy sumo deadlifts backing up to lighter, high rep Olympic deadlifts, and two – the grip strength challenge of the chin-ups to hanging KTEs.  All very race-relevant loads. For those unfamiliar with knees-to-elbows and the graduation to toes-to-bar, here’s a good video featuring CrossFit legend, Chris Spealler.

Video is not operable from your mobile device? Click here for the YouTube link.


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