Be Like Chuck Norris

Gotta love Fridays…it’s a universal thing. Today was especially good as I am pumped to announce a big welcome to another iconic sponsor.   Life Fitness Australia have made an exceptionally generous cash donation, recognising both the spirit of this event and the need to lend support to a worthy charity such as ME/CFS Australia.  For those who must be living under a rock to not be familiar with this global brand, they are the undisputed global leader in designing and manufacturing a full range of reliable, high-quality fitness equipment for commercial and consumer use.  They are the only manufacturer that has been providing premium exercise equipment for over 30 years with a proven track record and history of excellence.

Their generous support of this project is a clear testament to their genuine desire to help people live healthier lives. Having worked with their equipment and their people for many years now, I am proud to have them in my corner for this epic event. My sincere thanks go out to Paul, Joe, Catherine and Marika.

While we prepare to broadcast the Tough Mudder Mechanics project to our Club member community, we are legally bound to seek permission from Tough Mudder HQ for permission to use their logo in the email template. After some to-and-fro-ing via email with their media contact in the US, they’ve arranged to catch up with me on the phone early tomorrow morning to help them with a couple of questions before they give the nod.  Our window of opportunity for this member e-newsletter is closing, so the success of this call is critical.  I’m hoping there are no problems as it would be a sad state of affairs if bureaucracy eclipsed a small project that is only operating with the best of intentions and as a strong advocate of their events.  I’ll let you all know the end result.

Today was an early start with PT clients and the usual stuff that comes with running a busy health club. I was able to get in a couple of decent sessions which was a good way to finish the week off. The first workout was more by expectation than by choice…it was effectively my part of a wager between some of the boys at the Club.  Gareth, Max and Adam had all had their turn, leaving myself and Oz to battle it out.  The wager?….loser buys the pizza for everyone (date yet to be determined). At that stage, Adam was basking in the warm glow of first place while Gareth was dusting off his wallet.

I feel it is important to say that the group (in Oz’s absence) has decided that Oz should be coughing up the pizza dough after suffering from congenital heart failure at Round 3 of his first attempt. It was agreed that a DNF has no argument or room for appeal.  However, Oz…our collective kindness may consider allowing you a second attempt provided we are there to witness your pain and discomfort.  Better than television.


Row 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds rest for 30 rounds.  Maximum distance covered determines the winner.

Distance:  5,433m    Average HR:  162bpm     Max HR:  175bpm     Energy:  864kcal

The boys know I work better with a target in front of me, so maybe knowing Adam’s distance was an advantage….do I care?…no, I believe only the score matters on this particular occasion.  I now bask in that warm glow (sorry, Ads)…awaiting my serve of gourmet pizza.



Dynamic effort with stability.  10x rounds of 2 reps kettlebell swings at 32.0kg every 60 seconds.

While this sounds simple enough, you are required to swing the kettlebell to full extension at the “12 o’clock position” and pause the kettlebell in this position for a minimum of 5 seconds.  If you fail an attempt, you must continue with the kettlebell swings until two successful reps have been completed.  Re-start every minute, on the minute.


Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of 5 kettlebell hang cleans (2x 24.0kg), 10 chin-ups and 20 lateral bar jumps.

< 6 rounds + KB HC + 4CU >

The lateral bar jumps are completed using an olympic bar set with a full diameter plate.  Complete ‘one touch’ plyometric lateral jumps back and forth for 20 reps…check the video below for more detail if you need it.  This program would normally have 20 double unders here, however my torn rotator cuff cannot cope with that.  My full thickness tear graduated from a partial tear in March while doing double unders.


Row 4x 400m with 90 seconds rest between rounds, maintaining split times within 2-3 seconds.

< R1  1:23.4     R2   1:24.6     R3   1:24.8     R4   1:22.8 >

Have a good weekend, guys and girls.


More good people stepping forward to support a great cause. Be like Chuck Norris and make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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