The Burpee Mile

Well, after first coming across this evil idea a couple of years ago I have finally stopped trapping on about it and decided that today was the day to do the dirty deed.  The weather was spectacular and I was awake at a reasonable hour this morning.  No valid excuses seemed to be available.

For those who are not sure of the format of this simple yet decimating task, the athlete (or weekend warrior in this case) is required to complete one burpee and one broad jump, covering as much horizontal distance as possible before dropping for the next burpee.  Here’s a little CrossFit video if you’re still not getting it…

Not working on your mobile device?  Click here.

The scene of this psychological and physiological torment was a nearby public track…the grass surface perfect for repeatedly slapping your skin against and the measured 400m track ensuring I was not going to go so much as 1 metre over the 1 mile mark.

The Burpee Mile. Dendy Park, Melbourne, AU

The end result?…some “good aches”, mild heat stroke and a massive sense of accomplishment and relief.  One less gig on the bucket list.

Administrative Update

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of speaking directly with Megan – a Tough Mudder HQ representative from their head office in New York, USA. This was regarding their permission to use the Tough Mudder logo in an outgoing email to our Club members to promote support for the Tough Mudder Mechanics project.  This was politely declined.  I was initially stunned but she was very happy to discuss it in more detail and it simply comes down to protecting potential sensitivities with some of their other Australian sponsorship partners.  I get that…that’s just the way life is these days.  She was happy for us to use race photos and the like, just not the logo.

This request – a legal requirement of Hyatt International – unfortunately drew their attention to this blog.  Again, she was very nice about it all…she was sympathetic of our family circumstances, supportive of our fund raising endeavours and thankful for acting as an outspoken supporter of their events.  Unfortunately, it is her job to “clean up” any unapproved use of their trademark, no matter how well intentioned or small.  I do admit, after the 30 minute phone call, I was an angry man for about 10 minutes with a head full of the “why me’s” and mourning the potential loss the 700+ hours of work poured into building this blog in the first place.  Since then I’ve thought more about it and am hopeful there’s a way out.

She was very understanding and made the following offers to lend assistance:

  1. Permission to continue running the site on the existing URL (that’s my website address, mum) until sometime after the World’s Toughest Mudder event in November.
  2. Offering technical support to change URLs while not losing content or followers (I’m not even sure if this is possible but will be doing more research).
  3. Offering a media opportunity by creating a promotional video at the race event to provide exposure to ME/CFS Australia and our fund raising efforts.

She did not have to do any of this.  Legally, she could just as easily have turned my lights off within 48 hours.  I’m sure we’ll have more dialogue in the coming week or two and I’ll keep you posted regarding any developments.

In times of hardship such as these, one has only to think of Chuck Norris.  Did you know that his tears contain the genetic key to a cure for cancer.  It is too bad he has never cried.

In regards to finding a new URL, I do have some address ideas in mind already but was considering a “new URL competition” opened to all Tough Mudder Mechanics followers.  I’ll be speaking to sponsors to arrange what I hope to be some awesome prizes….I’ll talk more about this soon.

I hope your weekend was a good one.  Despite the administrative issues above, ours has been great.  Marcelle is doing really well, her mum (Alida) is here helping us out and the boys are both great.


More good people stepping forward to support a great cause. Be like Chuck Norris and make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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