What Motivates A Mudder

Back to the grind….it’s never easy to enjoy your Monday after a great weekend, but today was a little different.

Not only did the Tough Mudder Mechanics project attract some more donations for ME/CFS Australia, but we received one of the nicest comments so far.  A comment that really struck to the heart of this project and made it clear how important it is to help people better understand the complexities of this devastating illness so they can, in turn, better understand and support those who suffer from it.

Something like this needs to be shared, and I’m sure Athenea won’t mind me including her comment in today’s post…

I just wanted to thank you. As a long term sufferer I know too well how misunderstood, and unknown the condition is. Your wife is very lucky to have such a great support network. I have shared your page and urged people to donate. Until sharing your link, very few people knew about my condition as I am so sick of trying to explain it’s more than just being tired, and constantly having to explain how I can’t just have a nap and feel better. You have explained the condition in such an amazing way, and I hope that just by reading your page people will start to drop their misconceptions.

I wish your wife and family all the best and I along with many of my friends and family will be rooting for you in the tough mudder!

Thank you xx

This is the stuff that will be in my head when I’m hurting during the race.  This will be what motivates this mudder.

With this in mind, it was time for training. Carrying the aches and pains of yesterday’s Burpee Mile felt good, but I needed some inspiration from the man, Chuck Norris…respect.


Ride 14.1km to home at 70%

Average heart rate 134bpm  Energy 432kcal  Time 33:50



Maximum effort:  Sumo Deadlift

< 120.0kg >

Maximum effort requires the mudder to build up to a safe 2RM weight and to complete five sets of two reps at that weight.


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 25 sit-ups, 21 single arm handstand knee touches and 400m run.

< 5 rounds >

The picture below probably best describes the handstand exercise. Rock from one hand to the other while touching a knee with the ‘off’ hand. This works as a good shoulder loading exercise for me while my torn rotator cuff prohibits any overhead pressing action.


6 rounds of 400m run with 90 seconds rest between each round.

If using a treadmill, set incline to a minimum of 2°.


Ride 14.1km to home at 70%

Average heart rate 127bpm   Energy 425kcal   Time 37:04


See how easily you can make a difference? Be kind and understanding towards those with ME/CFS and make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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