Nervous Tension

I’m involved with a few World’s Toughest Mudder FaceBook groups at the moment, and every one of them is bristling with nervous energy. Questions and comments are firing madly…discussing tactics, gear, weather, other competitors and often expressing self doubt.  It’s natural that after so much training and preparation, you will look back and wonder if it’s all been enough and if the gear you’ve accumulated will deliver on promise or reputation. There are even guys out there who have only just registered to participate….still having to secure flights, accommodation and gear.  I guess they’ll be too busy to even contemplate stress or doubt.  Maybe a tactic in itself!

So much emotion flying around…how would Chuck Norris handle all this?…..

I am going to tempt fate by publishing a small update regarding Marcelle as she continues her Instructor training and accreditation with St John Ambulance.  Whenever I’ve made any positive announcements in the past, she’s crashed the next day….so I’m taking a big risk on her behalf here. I know significant credit goes to her mum, Alida, for coming over from Tassie to help, but there is no doubt that  my girl has tapped into some serious willpower, determination and strength to get through her first week….looking like a different person to the one that came home after day one. So proud of her.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support.

With all this going on, the training is a welcome distraction. Today was nothing out of the ordinary, but relevant and worthwhile…still shaking the last of the stiffness from this ageing frame after Sunday’s Burpee Mile.


4 rounds of 400m row and 400m run, with 90 seconds rest between rounds.  Ensure each split is held within 2-3 seconds.

This was completed at ‘race pace’…remaining within the heart rate range I’d like to live in for the duration of the race.  

Average HR  124   |    Maximum HR  148    |    Energy  227 kcal



Maximum Effort:  Back Squat

A ‘maximum effort’ for strength requires the athlete to build up to a 2RM weight and complete five sets of 2 reps at that weight with full recovery between sets.

< 100.0kg >


Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of 15 kettlebell power cleans (2x 20.0kg), 25 lateral bar jumps and 10 push-ups.

< 4 rounds >

Average HR  137   |    Maximum HR  162    |    Energy  184 kcal


Complete six rounds of 400m row and 400m run, with 90 seconds rest between rounds.  Ensure each split is held within 2-3 seconds.

As with the morning routine, this was completed at ‘race pace’.  Bio stats were higher after coming off the back of the strength and conditioning sessions.

Average HR  133   |    Maximum HR  156    |    Energy  422 kcal


While Marcelle is doing an amazing job managing her health and wellness each day, others are not so fortunate. Help ME/CFS Australia help them…make a tax deductible donation now.


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