Double Dose

I am sorry, but to be honest I was just too knackered yesterday to get the day’s events published for your entertainment so I’ll cover the last couple of days now.

Friday was pretty much a run-repair-run configuration with a run from home to work in the morning, osteopathy with Locky in the afternoon and run home again that evening.  I enjoyed the workload, but this inflammation of the tendon sheath of my right-side anterior tibialis is really starting to get up my skirt.  Every other bit of me feels rock solid in these runs, but this niggle starts to burn and sets in.  With even minimal dorsi-flexion making it worse, the only “in-run” cure was to go off the balls of my feet.

Now, I’ve been wearing minimalist footwear for a couple of years now, so the midfoot/ball of foot strike concept isn’t new, but I have to concentrate to maintain it….it is not a natural gait for me.  Today was almost like this niggle was forcing me to adopt the forefoot strike, which is a far more energy efficient technique…the only issue is that your calves have to sustain it.  After nearly 15km on the balls of my feet yesterday, I’ve pulled up really well in that regard so this will definitely be the style I maintain for the duration of the race.  For the sakes of energy conservation and injury prevention.

Locky’s diagnosis was pretty positive overall…I’m holding together pretty well. My shoulder is looking ok and structurally I’m in good order. He took great pleasure in robbing me of my capacity to speak while he raked the bejezuz out of my calves, but I know the pain is worthwhile.


Run 14.5km to work

Time  1:20   |   Maximum HR 167   |   Average HR 148   |   Energy 1,182

The morning run was completed with intervals of Run 500m, Jog 2mins to simulate that run/obstacle format.


Run 14.5km home

Time  1:21   |   Maximum HR 164   |   Average HR 149   |   Energy 1,241

The evening run was completed with intervals of Run 800m, Jog 2mins with the same logic as the morning run but with just a little more distance between each “obstacle”.  I was feeling a few rub points in my shoes.  I saw this as a positive so I’m a bit more precise with wear I lay down tape on my feet before the race.  Running this distance on my toes was definitely different, but I didn’t mind it at all really.


Saturday’s affairs were all domestic and recreational.  Up (too) early to get Gus to cricket where I was lucky enough to be recruited as a scorer.  Given the job I did of that, I’m not sure if they’ll ask me again.  I had a coffee on my way there….this is highly unusual for me but I needed a wake up call.  I’m pretty caffeine sensitive and was a bit scattered when it came to focusing on the game in front of me.  Thankfully the guy next to me was patient enough to hold my hand.

Once that was done, I was off to pick up my next consignment of dehydrated deliciousness via the kindness and support of Chris and Michelle at Travel Lite Tucker.  I walked away with a massive swag of beef jerky goodness, with Chris assuring me that I’ll soon be receiving a “custom batch” with a bit of extra chilli kick to combat the New Jersey winter.  Legend.  Thanks Chris.

Once this was done, I gathered up some stuff and headed off to Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne to watch workmates Oz, Adam and Max compete in the 2012 Melbourne CrossFit Games.  Pitching themselves up against some athletic beasts from around the country with all 158 of them competing for $2,000 in prize money for male and female winners. It’s a good event with plenty of community spirit and competitiveness.  Not easy to watch when you’d rather be in amongst it, but good to see the boys all going well.

Today was comprised of three workouts spread throughout the day between 0730 and 1830, with another three tomorrow.  Athletes need to finish in the top 24 male/female after the fourth workout tomorrow to progress to the finals.  To give you an idea of what they’re faced with, here are today’s drills.  Nasty stuff and a credit to those who throw themselves into it.

The rest of the weekend will be pretty chilled.  Gus has his Parkour training on tomorrow afternoon, with his new found interest originally inspired by the guy featuring in the video below…pretty amazing stuff.  I’ll also be checking a couple of local surf shops for some suitable head gear for the race.  I’m sorted for night work, but need an option on hand for during the day. Mind you, it has been a little worrying to see New Jersey temperatures currently well above average.  I’d prefer the place to be just about snap frozen when I get there….I want fortune to favour the prepared.

Whatever you’re up to, enjoy your weekend.

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