Trust Your Gut

Weekend over…with just a bit of collateral damage.  Angus didn’t have the best end to his Parkour training yesterday.  Well it ended ok, but then he convinced me to go down to Southbank so he could “do just a little more practice”.  I’m lousy at saying no to this guy, so off we went.  My gut instinct was screaming at me….”What are you doing?  He’s already tired after training with the group…if you let him do more he’s only going to hurt himself!”

Well, lesson learnt.  It’s just a shame that it took a face plant onto concrete to get the message across… “Trust your gut, idiot.”

Now imagine this with a foot snagging and a face plant. My gusty, brave little guy.

After the initial worry of a dislocated or broken elbow, it now seems pretty clear that he’s just banged himself about pretty badly.  In a breakthrough for medical science, there is now convincing data to suggest that a day off school will greatly accelerate the healing process. Amazing stuff.

With the race countdown starting to make me nervous, there is a possibility that we may be welcoming another sponsor.  All just preliminary chats at this stage, but it would be a fantastic way to wrap up the last six months of training and preparation before heading off to The Big Apple.  I’ll keep you all posted on that one as things develop.

Now, down to business…


Ride 14.1km to work at 70%

Average HR 141bpm   |   Energy 431kcal   |   Time 30:53



Static loading:  Complete 10 reps per side of static single arm handstand, every 60 seconds for 1o minutes.


Complete 5 rounds of 5 laps of chin bar followed by 10 reps of sumo deadlift high pull 60.0kg

The “laps” of the chin bar are to replicate the “monkey bar” loading that I’ll be likely to face during the race, a number of times over.  Ideally, the laps are unbroken…only break the grip when you literally have nothing left. The picture below is a good indicator of the bar I was using at the club.  One “lap” was working from left-to-right-to-left, making sure that I used every handle in a “half chin-up” hang.  This maximised the load through grip, arms and back.

Average HR 133bpm   |   Energy 249kcal   |   Time 19:50


Three rounds of row 4 minutes, rest 3 minutes.

Maintain consistent distance between each round.  Only ever becoming faster, never slower.

1,098m  |   1,128m   |   1,189m


Ride 14.1km to home at 70%

Average heart rate 127bpm   Energy 425kcal   Time 37:04


People with ME/CFS are brave and gutsy too. They face hardship every day and overcome it.  All you have to do is make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia. Easy 🙂  

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