Strength Test

I was pretty apprehensive about “going heavy” with my deadlifts today.  I have a history of wrestling with the after-effects of two disk bulges from 15 years ago…these came without any warning whatsoever…when I was categorising myself as young and fit.  After 12 months of self-driven rehab, I walked away in reasonable shape but this marked the point in my life where I sadly bid farewell to State League Soccer.  This effectively forced me to pursue a more varied range of recreational activities…I guess this is why CrossFit became so appealing.

I have great empathy for anyone who suffers from back pain.  Those that mock it, don’t know it.  I’ve had relapses here and there, usually brought about when my confidence has outweighed my ability.  This “steady as she goes” voice in the back of my head escalated from a whisper to a brass band today.  Flanked by some strong guys at the Club, it’s hard not to want to keep up the pace in some way, shape or form…so, typically, I favoured the voice suggesting I should consider donating my testicles to science as I clearly have no further need for them.

So, with my balls apparently at stake, training commenced…


Maximum effort:  Deadlift   |   Build up to a 2RM weight and complete five sets of 2 reps with a full recovery between sets.

< 140.0kg >

The build-up included four sets of decending reps with increasing weight 15/90.0kg, 12/110.0kg, 8/120.0kg, 4/130.0kg.  The five sets didn’t feel too bad, although I’m sure my technique could have been better.  It’s been a long time since I’ve taken on any heavy stuff, so it was good to realise that I’ve not completely lost everything while I’ve been so focussed on endurance, volume and shoulder rehab.

Recovery was determined by heart rate, not time.  When I dropped to around 80bpm, it was time to go again.


Complete four rounds for time of 800m run and 50 box jumps at 20″.

< 22:29 >

Total Session Time 1:05 (including rest/set-up/recovery)   |   Energy 532 kcal   |   Max HR 172 bpm   |    Avg HR 110 bpm

It was good to test my rate of recovery after this session.  My heart rate peaked at the final box jump at 172 and only took 95 seconds to drop below 100.


Don’t want to lift big? Then give big. Make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia and “feel the burn” of good karma.

2 thoughts on “Strength Test

  1. Hey Simon

    Remember, don’t overdo it as you get close to the ‘battle’. Rest well before (your body is already sync’d with its capabilities), have some fun with the family … and then Smash It!


    Chris & Michelle


    ps. The Chilli & Garlic ‘special batch’ is done! Bringing over next week. They’ll keep your testicles warm….

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the encouragement, bud. Few things are worse than cold balls…the extra chilli will have that sorted! Looking forward to catching up when you’re back in town.



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