Super Trooper

While I am waiting for logos and things to arrive before announcing the latest supporter of the Tough Mudder Mechanics project, I thought this was a good opportunity to post an update on Marcelle’s progress as a First Aid Instructor with St John Ambulance.

She has been putting herself through one of her biggest challenges in years.  This has only come about after countless attempts to find the right combinations of treatments, supplements, dietary restriction and lifestyle changes. Trying to return to the workforce is a massive step and a clear indicator of her iron-will and continued fight against the range of symptoms caused by the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Working full time hours for the past couple of weeks has been so exceptionally hard for her…seeing her at the end of each day looking so exhausted only to then stay up to all hours of the night preparing for the next day had us both questioning the whole thing a hundred times over…”Is this really worth it?”

While I imagine these doubts will be hanging in our periphery for a long time to come, Marcelle is doing an absolutely amazing job and is starting to feel some affinity towards the role. She’s an fantastic public speaker and loves to help people. It’s all a great example to the boys too…never quit, never stop fighting the odds. Live your life.

It should be said that this would have been an impossible venture without Marcelle’s wonderful mum, Alida, selflessly dropping everything and coming to stay with us. With Marcelle and I working, Alida would be taking care of the house, getting dinner on the go and being there for the boys when they came home from school.  For a mother-in-law, I suppose I could cut her some slack and classify her efforts as “acceptable, with some room for improvement”.

Me & The Monster

She hopped on a plane back to Tassie today but is returning in a week or so for Liam’s 18th birthday and to lay down “Granny Law” while we’re off to the US for the race. In case you’re wondering, “Granny Law” usually involves ice cream for breakfast and the like….you’ll hear no complaints from the boys there. I’m sure they’ll be just  fine while we’re away.

With some high volume training scheduled for the weekend, I thought it was important to have a rest day and work on some mobility and recovery…with special attention given to this pesky inflammation of the tendon sheath in my right leg.  With the right treatment, I’m sure it will be solid by race day.


One round of Six Exercises for Maximum Mobility…

…then, followed by one hour of myotherapy under the hammer-fists of Zoe. This included some nasty work on the arches of my feet, calves and through my shoulders.  A good start, but still a bit of remedial work left to get done before Marcelle and I are USA-bound.

These girls really know their stuff and I’m very fortunate to have their support….kindly discounting their services as a gesture of support for my race entry and ME/CFS Australia. I have no doubt whatsoever they’ll have me well prepped and ready for 24 hours of torment.

Smile if you love to inflict pain on others and call it “treatment”.


If you don’t make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia I’m sending my mother-in-law to your place.


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