Small Celebrations

With another week behind her, Marcelle was feeling a wave of relief as she draws closer to completing her St John Ambulance First Aid Instructor certification.  When she receives this tick in the box, the full-time work will cease and she will assume more control over when she works, and for how long…afforded the luxury of being able to coordinate this around her own health and her undying commitment to our boys.

When I arrived home from work, feeling much the same sense of relief with the race one week closer, we found ourselves childless.  Angus was off with one of his soccer mates, due home at around 10pm, while Liam was helping out at a local skate rink….due for pick-up at around the same time.  As any parent will tell you, these times constitute an unexpected bonus.  So we decided to celebrate our survival of another week at a local restaurant.  Located about 30m from our front door, we had plenty of time to relax and enjoy a bit of time together.  I made a specific mention of how important it is for those suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis to make the most of the good times in The Reason … it was really nice to put this into practice last night.

The damage to Gus’ left elbow after last weekend’s fall is not showing the signs of recovery that you would expect, so today I have the pleasure of taking him for x-rays to make sure there’s no fracture or chip to the bone.  No fun for either of us, but has to be done.  Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

Work commitments yesterday were fairly heavy.  We have multiple major projects underway and I was juggling a few PT clients on top of this.  As such, training was short, sharp and heavy…a definite contrast to what I have programmed for tomorrow.


Single arm dumbell snatch 5x 5 reps AHAP with 60 seconds rest between sets.

Working up to a 5RM weight, then perform five sets at that weight.

< 35.0kg >

Can’t view these Single Arm Dumbell Snatches on your mobile device? Click here.


Single arm kettlebell shoulder press 5x 8 reps AHAP, with each set followed by a single arm row 5x 8 reps AHAP with full recovery between supersets.

Again, work up to an 8RM weight, then perform five supersets at that weight.

< 20.0kg >         < 42.5kg >


Five rounds of maximum reps of kettlebell clean and jerk 32.0kg, rest 30 seconds, 20 reps of dynamic split jumps, rest 30 seconds, 20 reps of hollow rocks, rest 30 seconds.

< 4, 6, 7, 9, 8 >

The jerk action can be split jerk or static jerk with reps continuing until failure before continuing onto the plyometrics and core work.

Can’t view these Hollow Rocks on your mobile device? Click here.


Want a fist pump moment for yourself? Of course you do. Just make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.


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