High Volume Sunday

The weekend was great…maybe with the exception of having to wait in the Emergency Ward for a few hours while we found out if Gus’ arm was broken or not.  The upshot was that there was no break…just a bad sprain with some pretty impressive bruising.  I put some anti-inflammatory gel on it later on that day to try and help the swelling go down a little and ‘hey presto’ a few hours later he tried to move his arm about a little more and felt a satisfying ‘clunk’.  From that second on, his arm was fixed. Happy days…just a minor displacement that he had to put up with for the week.

Around all this I managed to get some shopping done for the race…stocking up on the gels and calorie loaded powder that will make up the bulk of my fuel for the event.  By this time, the day was pretty much spent, so we finished it off with a movie at home…”Chronicle”…pretty cool.

Can’t check out the clip on your mobile device? Click here.

I had a noise hanging in the back of my head for Sunday morning…training beckoned. I was up pretty early (for a Sunday at least) so I could get it done and dusted before the rest of the gang became too stir crazy at home.  We had some clothes shopping to get done for the boys, so I knew they’d be keen to get out of the house.


Run 6.6km

Time 35:56   |   Pace 5.26/km   |   Energy 578 kcal   |   Avg HR  155 bpm   |   Max HR 164

This was a warm-up run from home to the outdoor fitness park where I intended to get the bulk of the work done.  Fairly flat terrain…nice way to start out.  Felt good while carrying my CamelBak MULE stocked with kit for the session…only weighing in at around 5kg, including 3L of Hammer Perpetuem mix.


For time, complete 500 chin-ups, 500 push-ups, 500 sit-ups, 500 flutter kicks and 500 squats.

These reps can be partitioned any way the athlete prefers.  The flutter kicks are a 4-count rep, so in actual fact you’re doing 2,000 single kicks.  My strategy was to complete five rounds of 40, 30, 20 and 10 reps in the order of excercises shown above.  This way I could look forward to descending reps and there was sufficient recovery time between muscle groups.  The back-to-back loading of the sit-ups and flutter kicks was a little nasty though.

Time 2:13.03   |   Energy 1,930 kcal   |   Avg HR  146 bpm   |   Max HR 172

The Hurt Locker


Run 6.6km

Time 34:57   |   Pace 5.17/km   |   Energy 561 kcal   |   Avg HR  155 bpm   |   Max HR 165

This was a good run home.  I had sucked down a caffeine-loaded gel not long beforehand and felt really strong all the way home. Gotta love being caffeine sensitive.

With the work done, it was time to eat, eat, eat before a quick shower and out to get some new threads for the boys.  Once we made it home, Marcelle had plenty of prep work to get done for the week ahead while everyone braved my cooking for dinner.

Lovin’ the new digs…

Hope everyone else had an equally awesome weekend.


Don’t take your health and ‘good times’ for granted.  Make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia and help someone less fortunate.

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