The Devil Has An Ergo In Hell

You know when you think to yourself, “I might check out this website for their WOD (workout of the day) and give it a crack”, only to discover that upon accessing said site you are faced with a diabolical session that you know is going to ruin you.  I don’t know about you, but when I put myself in this position it is like I’ve signed a contract with the devil himself.  It just cannot be broken. Pussy-ing out and looking for a softer option on other sites is NOT POSSIBLE.

Earlier this morning I stepped up, accessed one of my favourite sites and groaned…and continued to groan quietly as the day rolled on.  The contract had been signed.


Row 15km at time trial pace.

Time 56:18   |   Average pace 1:52.6/500m   |   Max HR 173 bpm   |  Avg HR 158 bpm   |   Energy1,046 kcal

An encouraging sign of progress was that at 37:33 my 10km split time was 4 seconds faster than my previous 10km time trial on 8 October and my overall average pace was only 0.3 seconds per 500m slower over an additional 5km.  After initially feeling quite daunted by the distance ahead of me, I (eventually) walked away feeling pretty good about delivering “as agreed”.

Now this is a long time to be staring at the digital display of a rowing ergo, so I had a little audio going to give me some moments of escape.  What was this marvel of entertainment, I hear you ask??  Here’s a hint before you watch the clip below…”Shake ‘n Bake!  It rhymes. They’re both verbs.  Awesome.” If you haven’t seen it, get it.  Thank me later.

Can’t watch the trailer on your mobile device? Click here.


No contract with the devil here.  So long as you make your tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia today.

2 thoughts on “The Devil Has An Ergo In Hell

  1. You’re doing an amazing job mate. Keep it up – not long to go now if all is ok after the Super Storm in NY. Mum and I are enormously proud (as always) of your focus and dedication of the task in hand and the raising of awareness of ME. Dad

    • Thanks, mate. The whole thing has been a win on many levels…we’ve been blessed to have so much support around us to make the project so successful. Hope you guys are going well…great to hear mum is improving.


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