A Reluctant Rest

Work is beginning to make a habit of interfering with the precise training schedule of this ageing weekend warrior.  Can’t our various stakeholders show a little more respect as I attend to my training regimen?  Unfortunately not.  With major events hitting Melbourne and no less than six major projects on the go, I’m having trouble finding the time to scratch myself.

The day wasn’t a complete loss though, so I won’t grizzle too loudly.  I managed to get to my osteopath appointment with Locky this afternoon to get myself realigned, adjusted and assessed. Overall, it appears I’m holding together reasonably well with maybe just a touch of tightness down my left side…most likely compensation while my right side was ‘protecting’ some tendon inflammation.  It feels ok now though and with another couple of osteo appointments, myotherapy and cortisone ahead of me, I’m confident all shall singing sweetly by race day.

I also had the opportunity to meet one of Locky’s mates, Gareth.  Gareth is a geo-mapper by trade, working with GPS mapping, tracking and other nifty projects.  While I was getting twisted every which way by Locky we chatted about what we could use to track my progress through the race in real time.  Worst cast scenario is that I take a small gadget around the course with me that transmits my position via a SIM card to a website that will show my progress and position on the course….but this will only have a battery life of around 6 hours which will be enough to get some cool data for anyone interested to watch on line and some good R&D feedback for Gareth.  Best case scenario is that I might have two or three of these things….we’ll see what happens.  If we get two units I’ll run one for the first six hours and the other for the last six hours.

I’m probably more concerned about New Jersey itself being ok by 17 November….they have had the absolute stuffing kicked out of them by Hurricane Sandy. It was only after watching the highlights on the news tonight that I realised the full extent of the impact. Our thoughts are with the families of those who have sadly lost their lives as a result of the storm.

Who knows what shape New York will be in by the time we arrive in a couple of weeks…hopefully the yanks will be back on their feet by then.


Some cheerier news is the announcement of another sponsor joining the Tough Mudder Mechanics project.

It is my pleasure to welcome another iconic Australian-owned brand to the team….Chris’ Dips.

Chris’ is a fantastic Australian family owned company that has been making superb Australian made dips since 1982. It supports Australian made products (and Mudders), believes in fresh produce and a healthy eating culture steeped in tradition and a love of food (and Mudders). The values that Chris’ upholds are also values that align with my own – plus their dips are amazing and a healthy addition to anything you’re cooking up!  I am very proud to be taking another Australian supporter with me to World’s Toughest Mudder.

My sincere thanks to Arthur and everyone at Chris’ Dips for their exceptionally generous sponsorship and encouragement as the Tough Mudder Mechanics project continues to provide a resource for obstacle racers everywhere while raising awareness and support for ME/CFS Australia.


Be a sponsor in your own right.  Make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia today.


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