Dog On A Chain

As promised, Friday was a day of rehabilitation and recovery…extending into the weekend as well. After so much work over the past six months, I’m still struggling with the concept of lifting the throttle off my training intensity. I’ve even been dreaming about missing workouts. I know it’s the right thing to do, but I’m feeling like a dog chained to a post. I just hope that my ability matches my desire when I’m unclipped at the start line in less than two weeks.

All I feel like I’m doing now is stretching and eating….Marcelle is one step short of strapping a feed bag to my face.

He knows how I feel.

Right now, I’m sitting on the grass at Alexander Gardens, Melbourne watching Gus’ parkour training getting around 40 minutes of stretching done while planning out my tapered training for the remainder of my days in Melbourne. There’s a heap going on this week with Dad’s 60th, Liam’s 18th, people staying at our place and all the usual stuff in between. Busy, busy.  Thankfully, Marcelle has a couple of extra days off this week after successfully (Surprised? No.) completing her St John Ambulance Instructor accreditation last week.  I can’t begin to describe how hard that was for her…what an absolute warrior. Gutsy. Inspirational.

Anyway…enough about her….back to me to talk more about the race, my moans and groans and aches and pains…I know you want to hear all about it. What I’m looking forward to this week is my third and final ultrasound guided cortisone injection. Blessing me with a “normal” shoulder, albeit artificially and temporarily. It’s been pretty sore lately…with the tear “catching” without warning and more frequently…enough to make me yelp. Come Thursday afternoon and this will be silenced.

                                                                                                                             Can’t see the needle doing it’s funky thing under ultrasound? Click here.

The Australian Worlds Toughest Mudder community have all been a little nervous about whether the race would still be on after the carnage of Hurricane Sandy (and the last minute cancellation of the New York Marathon), so I sent an email off to Tough Mudder’s Director of Communication last night in the hope we can score a little reassurance. Hopefully she’ll respond quickly.

Time today was also spent contacting each of my sponsors to let them know about some free advertising opportunities in what will be the first edition of the world’s first Obstacle Racing Magazine. The world’s first magazine dedicated to the booming obstacle racer phenomenon is due out in December and will feature a cover story looking at the 16 Australians waging war on the Worlds Toughest Mudder title. Give the image a click so you can register to receive the first edition on-line, free.  It promises to be an awesome production.

Before I forget, yesterday was definitely productive as we went about getting a few of the final bits and pieces for the race…primarily for transitions, we grabbed some tent kit and an awesome LED lantern, both heavily discounted thanks to the generosity and support of various cash donations and Macpac.

Well, this chained junk yard dog with the dicky shoulder is going to get back into his boring, repetitive, mind-numbing stretches and drills.



Your wallet need a stretch? Finish your weekend off with a good deed and make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia today.


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