Engine Ticking Over

The frustration of tapered workouts continues to mess with every fibre of my being.  I can only describe it as a feeling of “reluctant laziness”.  I know it has a purpose backed up by decades of proven science but it sucks ass.  The inactivity is also allowing my mind to wander into zones of self-doubt as I repeatedly conduct a mental inventory of all my gear, paranoid I’ve either forgotten something or I’ll leave something critical behind.

One thing that did arrive in today’s mail was a new training t-shirt….allow me to introduce you the benchmark of pain apparel…

Before I give you my softened workout for the day, I must give a big thanks to Chris and Michelle from Travel Lite Tucker.  I can’t believe I neglected to mention them over the weekend….sorry guys.

At 0900 sharp on Saturday morning I met with Chris as he handed over my final batch of dehydrated Tasmanian goodness….a special, custom designed batch of King Island Beef Jerky featuring extra chilli to warm up my insides during the race.  I sampled some as I drove home and had an out of body experience…the man has a gift, there’s no doubt about it.  The chilli is well and truly there, but not so much I’d be sucking down muddy water in search of relief during the race.  The stuff is perfect.  All I need to do now is to display sufficient willpower so as to not consume the lot before I board the aircraft next week.

Tonight we’re all out for dinner to celebrate my old man’s 60th birthday…the affectionate reference of “old man” officially becomes literal today.  He’s a pretty young 60 though, so it won’t be a quiet night, that’s for sure.  In the spirit of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, he’s going for the trifecta with dinner tonight, Melbourne Cup tomorrow and dinner again tomorrow night.  So tonight marks the start of a big week ahead, finishing up with Liam’s 18th birthday and the end of his final VCE exams. Alleh-*#*#ing-leuia.

My two sisters (London), brother and I (Melbourne) have all chipped in to see the ol’ fella kicked out of a perfectly good aircraft at 14,000ft with a landing on St Kilda Beach.  There is a part of me that was slightly disappointed that he won’t be needing brown pants….it appears he’s really looking forward to it!  He tells me we should have looked to bungee jumping for the brown trousers effect.  I’ll make a note of that for his 70th.

Today’s training was mild to say the least, but nice to get a sweat up…


Complete five rounds of 400m run, 20x single hand alternating kettlebell swings 20.0kg, 400m run, 20 kettlebell figure-8’s 24.0kg

Time 33:07   |   Average HR 136   |   Maximum HR 161   |   Energy 433

The run was an easy pace on a slight incline, focusing on maintaining that mid-foot strike while the kettlebell weights were very vanilla.  Rolling through it with a  focus on form and range of motion.

Can’t see the single hand alternating KB swings on your mobile device?  Click here.


Grid Roller for 2 minutes on each ITB and calf.

Band assisted posterior and anterior hip mobilisation for two minutes on each side.

Will be getting my MTB back on the road for some cycling tomorrow with a few light weights thrown around for good measure.


I’ll even share some of my special batch beef jerky with you if make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia right now.


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