Run Ragged

Today has been a frenzy of errands, appointments and sedated panic as the some of the last pieces are put into play.  In the absence of sufficient food and drink, I spent the day running purely on the nervous energy accumulated yesterday while waiting for Tough Mudder HQ to announce the race was still going ahead.

After getting Gus sorted for school, it was off to Tullamarine Airport (MEL) to meet Wok from Obstacle Racing Magazine who had kindly travelled down from Sydney to delivery some sponsored kit comprised of some waterproof clothing, a massive dry bag and a fricking awesome pair of Innov8 Talon 190’s.  These things are light, minimalist in design with a sole packed full of a severely aggressive tread.

I’ll talk more in a minute about how their test run felt.

After bidding farewell to Wok it was off to work for meetings and other boring affairs…the highlight however, was a midday appointment at Victoria House Imaging for my much anticipated ultrasound guided cortisone injection.  The attending doctor was great…very enthusiastic about the whole mission ahead and keen to give me the best result possible.  When they say things like, “I’ve packed as much in there for you as possible. Now go get ’em. Good luck.” you know you’ve been looked after.  As she predicted, its a bit sore at the moment, but that should settle down soon enough.She was quick to point out that it had become considerably worse since my first ultrasound in May and happy to hear that my surgery was already booked in.  It just has to survive the race.

On the way back to the office I picked up some American pesos from the bank and finalised our Travel Money Cards (like a Mastercard but with prepaid foreign currency balance to avoid carrying wods of cash and copping international transaction fees).  All pretty exciting stuff…gotta have some small local currency in your pocket on arrival unless you want your bags thrown down the street.

After that, it was back to the office to get 100 things in order so there’s as little to hand over to Ads (my 2IC) while I’m away.  During the course of the day, I received a couple of emails from Tough Mudder HQ…

#1 Legal Eagle stuff…their representative was just touching base to confirm details for the surrender of my blog URL after I get back from the US.  I’m cool with this…she’s been very helpful and fair throughout the process.  I’m using their trademark in my URL and I have to hand it over…simple as that.  The important thing is that I’ll be able to keep my content and they’ll be helping me with an active re-direct for a while so my traffic volume doesn’t suffer too much.

#2 Promo stuff…on the recommendation of their Legal Eagles, their Communication Director is looking to include me in their stable of race profiles!  This is pretty cool and I’m really hopeful that it will give some exposure to the ME/CFS cause.  I was asked to fill out a profile questionnaire and was careful to include them in my answers.  We’ll sit back and see what comes of that, I guess.

Courtesy of the support of Spyder Displays, I should also be receiving my sponsors banner to peg out around my tent at the race.  This will hopefully serve to give exposure to the organisations that have played such a major role in my race participation.  Big thanks to Lee and his team.

With all this sorted, there was just a small window of opportunity to test drive the new Innov8’s before heading home…


Complete three rounds of Run 500m (5.0º incline, 12.0kph), 10 chest to bar pull-ups, Run 500m (10.0º incline, 12.0kph), 1o chest to bar pull-ups.

This was as much about testing out the new footwear as it was putting my augmented shoulder through its range of motion under moderate load.  I didn’t monitor any bio stats or times but the 10° climbs certainly spiked my heart rate.

The shoes felt good.  Really good.  However, on Locky’s (osteopath) advice, I will probably look to changing my footwear every lap or two so as to spread any repetitive loading and avoid over-use aggravation.


Tomorrow is another big day…not really referring to office stuff though.  Tomorrow our big kid turns 1-8! Holy hell…how did that happen?? We’ll take care of some prezzies in the morning before gathering together for what promises to be a great dinner celebration at Pei Modern.  He’s been hangin’ out for this one!

Happy 18th Birthday, buddy 🙂


The race is so close! Don’t miss out on your chance to make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia.

2 thoughts on “Run Ragged

    • Thanks mate.

      Hope you’re feeling all set and sorted. Have a good flight over. If you need anything brought over that you may think of later just let me know. I head off on Tuesday.

      Looking forward to catching up next week.


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