Mudder Nation

What should be a cruisy Saturday morning was not.  It was up early and into the office to get all my handover stuff done that I didn’t get done yesterday.  Mind you, I can’t grizzle…I only ran out of time because I needed to fit in not one, but two massages.  You may doubt me, but one was work related but the other was an hour of excruciating pain under the brutal elbow of Zoe at Gator’s Myotherapy. You know it hurts when you work up a sweat just lying on the table. I’d have to say though, my legs felt awesome when I floated out after the treatment.

Smile if you love to inflict pain on others and call it “treatment”.

These girls, specifically Nikki (left) and Zoe (right), have played a huge role in keeping my weary limbs in check during the past six months of training.  They generously whacked big discounts on my treatments and made sure I received enough contact time to keep myself in working order.  I dropped them off a thank you card and a couple of bottles of champagne yesterday, but this doesn’t even begin to cover their contribution to my race prep.  Thank you to my “ladies of pain and torment” x .

From there it was home to scramble together and get ready for Liam’s 18th birthday dinner at Pei Modern.  With 11 of us at the table, it was (as predicted) a fantastic meal with flawless service. It was like clockwork…nothing was too much trouble…just a table full of happy people, featuring a newly turned 18 year old with a cocktail in his hands.  Our sincere thanks to Ainslee, Tim, Donna & Pete for another magic night out.

‘Best Maitre D’ of the Year’ ~ Gourmet Traveller and ‘Best New Restaurant’ ~Good Food Guide 2013

I’ve been blessed with so much generosity and support throughout this project and I am determined to ‘pay it forward’ at every possible opportunity I have. Yesterday, I even received acknowledgement from Tough Mudder HQ themselves! They recently asked competitors to submit personal profiles, from which they would select a few to publish on their community blog, Mudder Nation.  Undoubtedly with some help from people I’ve met recently within the organisation, I was the first competitor they chose to profile.  This is great exposure for the ME/CFS Australia cause and will hopefully direct some internet traffic to their site where people can learn more about this misunderstood illness.

If you’d like to take a look at they profile they posted, just give their logo a click…

There are other inspiring athletes featured here…some are even older than I am!!??  Give their profiles a read and you can see the determination and ability spread throughout the field.  It’s hard not to be just a little intimidated, but the golden rule is to stick to your own race.  In an event spanning 24-hours, it is wise to not allow the actions of others to dictate your own.  You’ve done your training, you know your game plan.  Stick to it.

With my nice, loose legs I’ve still no shortage of running around to get done today…the last pieces of this six month puzzle to assemble before we fly out on Tuesday morning. The next training I’ll be doing will be a bit of a light swim tomorrow followed by a gentle ‘jet-lag-shaking’ jog through Central Park next week 🙂


Has someone helped you with something recently? Why don’t you pay it forward and make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia today.

One thought on “Mudder Nation

  1. Good luck Simon, we really admire what you are doing, and why you are doing it, but take care to come out in one piece! Safe travels too, all the best, Margaret and Martyn


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