Packed & Pumped

Pumped? Who? Me?

After more than six months of  boring people half to death with non-stop ‘Mudder talk’, the day is finally here.  All the training, equipment testing, nutrition planning and stress is about to come to a very sharp point at which I anticipate I’ll be learning a little more about myself.  I’m just hoping this is a positive discovery!

I don’t care how cold, miserable, hungry, thirsty, sore or debilitated I become.  I will have no shortage of motivation screaming in both ears…

I will be representing my amazing sponsors to the absolute best of my ability and doing justice to every cent so kindly donated by more than 40 individuals.  For obvious privacy reasons, I would never divulge names and numbers but they know who they are.  Good people with big hearts who have stepped forward to get me to this race.  I simply could not have made it without them.

Most importantly, this is about those that would give anything to be standing on any start line.  The messages I have received from people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis have pushed me through the toughest training sessions and the longest runs…all the way through to the start line…

Athenea :

I just wanted to thank you. As a long term suffer I know too well how misunderstood, and unknown the condition is. Your wife is very lucky to have such a great support network. have shared your page and urged people to donate. Until sharing your link, very few people knew about my condition as I am so sick of trying to explain its more than just being tired, and constantly having to explain how I can’t just have a nap and feel better. You have explained the condition in such an amazing way, and I hope that just by reading your page people will start to drop their misconceptions.
I wish your wife and family all the best and I along with many of my friends and family will be rooting for you in the tough mudder!

Thank you xx

Caitlin :

Hi My name’s Caitlin and I’ve had ME/CFS for 9 years/ more than half of my life. I’d like to thank you for helping to raise awareness and also say that because of this article I’ve decided that WHEN (not if) I get better I’d like to do the world’s toughest mudder competition. I know I can because I live with ME/CFS which is the biggest challenge of all and once that is gone I will be able to do anything. All the best for you and your wife!

So, with all that positive energy packed in my bag, I can confidently announce my readiness.  My personal goal is to clock up at least 100km…it’s a nice, round number and – based on my 63km run through Wilson’s Prom – is achievable. My Mantra comes courtesy of some bloke called, Confucius…

I’ll post more blog updates whenever I get the chance and hope to have some great HD footage of the course to edit by the time I get home.  We won’t have any voicemail while we’re away, but can still receive SMS’s, calls and emails. With a 14 hour time difference we’ll do our best to return calls when we can.

A massive thanks again to everyone for your support and encouragement over the past six months.  You’re all gold.


Hurry!…there’s still time! Make a tax deductible donation to ME/CFS Australia today and you too can be gold.


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