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For what should be the final time, I will have one quick rant about how fantastic the World’s Toughest Mudder experience has been. Everything pretty much went like clockwork…all our equipment, nutrition and timing strategies were totally validated. The only thing that broke down was me…feet, ankles and knees that were resistant to clocking up 122km and an unhappy digestive system sending me to the Portaloo way too often for my liking. These deficiencies can be fixed without too much fuss…better running preparation/mileage build-up and a more comprehensive medkit should see me sorted.

I’ve updated the site’s photo gallery with some new race shots and, if you haven’t already seen it, here is the official 2012 World’s Toughest Mudder video.  I make a fleeting glimpse appearance at 2:53 while we’re hyping up at the start line, but after that the content should give you a clear idea of what this race really involved for not only my own 27 hour experience, but for the awe inspiring performances of the top three.  The video is nearly 19 minutes of awesomeness, so take a look when you have the time.  Enjoy…

I was fortunate to have forged some very special friendships through shared pain and torment and equally fortunate to have been carried through by the unconditional support of amazing sponsors and generous donors.

This experience has ignited an intense fire in my belly to take on more events like this…the nastier the better, I say.

Before I get too excited, I now have the boredom of rehabilitation to deal with. I have promised myself there will be NO deviation from the instructions of specialists, surgeons, physios, osteos or anyone else involved in the process. This will be all about rebuilding and walking away as a stronger, faster unit than I was before. Ready to take on events requiring the demands of the 24hr World’s Toughest Mudder and 48hr+ Spartan Death Race.

Tough Bloke Race 2011


I should extend a big thank you to Dr Peter Fuller (Sports Medicine Specialist) for managing my injuries throughout all the training and referring me on to Mr Simon Holland (Orthopaedic Surgeon) for my subsequent repair work. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough.

While all the hospital staff at St Vincent’s Private (Kew) were great too, it’s my poor, lovely wife Marcelle, who is once again playing super-nurse to her damaged-goods husband. I can only promise I’ll be a much better patient this time [ better drugs help too though 😉 ].

The procedure ended up being quite involved and intricate.  A total of six incisions were required to complete three procedures on my right shoulder including rotator cuff repair (ruptured supraspinatus), bicep tendosis and AC joint correction.  This had me in hospital overnight and laid up, bored out of my skull at home for a few weeks before resuming work in the new year.

Rotator Cuff & Bicep Tendon Repair


In a nutshell, I’ll be in a sling for about 6-10 weeks with my right hand lifting virtually nothing more than a glass of water for three months (mostly because of the bicep tendosis). While displaying blind obedience to all medical instructions, I’ll still be working on legs, core and flexibility as much as I am permitted.

When the green flag finally drops I’ll be starving hungry for the endorphin rush that only comes from visiting that “special place” of training induced pain.


If you remember, I was visited by the Tough Mudder HQ fairy in early November.  This visit took the form of their legal counsel advising me of my breach of trademark by using their business name in my blog URL.  I always knew I was taking a calculated risk with this, but given the 18,000 hits of  internet traffic I attracted since going live I think this risk was worth taking.  So…as agreed with their lovely legal representative, Megan, I will be surrendering the URL “” to Tough Mudder LLC on a date yet to be determined in the very near future.

While I was communicating with their HQ on a regular basis, they were kind enough to give my profile and the ME/CFS charity fund raising some publicity from their own community blog, Mudder Nation.  Just give the logo below a hit to have a quick read of their interview…

Mudder Nation - Race Profile

To prepare for this handover, I’ve already made the necessary arrangements….so if you take a look at your address bar, you should see that you are now visiting the new and improved address…

Tough Mudder LLC have been very supportive and understanding of this process and have given me plenty of time to complete the World’s Toughest Mudder race, lick my wounds, return to Australia and get my surgery completed before I took corrective action.  So for now, there is an active re-direct on but you should change any bookmarks you have now as I’m not sure how long the re-direct will remain active for.

It’s been an honour to publish this blog…with so much support from amazing sponsors and generous donors, plus the reward of knowing how many people it has helped….from worlds of obstacle racing and ME/CFS alike.  With this in mind, I have no intention of dropping the ball while I’m slightly incapacitated.  I will continue to keep the information flowing as best I can and will be aiming to race again as soon as possible (without rushing my recovery that is).  My long term goal is to compete in The Spartan Death Race ( in 2014.

So, with that being said, I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement.  The fantastic result we “walked” (limped) away with would not have been possible without you.  I have no doubt that 2013 will bring more mud, sweat and blood….we can only hope 🙂

With another Christmas behind us and New Years Day fast approaching, Marcelle and I would like to wish you all the health, wealth and happiness you can handle for 2013.


  1. Love the name change! Imagine if you will people, nursing this crazy maniac who is required to sit on the couch doing nothing for 6 weeks. Enough said. M xxx


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