Back To Basics

GrokWell after a couple of months of post surgery rest and recovery it’s time to stop the undisciplined eating and moping about…get back on track.  Thanks to all those who have passed on their support and kind wishes while I was under the knife.

I’ll admit I dropped the blogging ball after the operation.  Aside from the obvious incapacitation making typing a bit tricky, the last thing I wanted to be publishing was a “woe is me” series.  I’m already forbidden from including the words “my shoulder” in any conversation at home. It’s been a drag for everyone (sorry guys).  For those of you who are familiar with the reasons behind my WTM12 race and the charity fund raising that went with it, you’ll be pumped to know that Marcelle has put her hand up to have a go at the next Melbourne Spartan Race.  As a Spartan Sprint, this 7km distance race is perfect.  The team at Spartan Australia (thanks, Sarah) have been amazing….allowing me to run alongside her for the race as support while my mending shoulder skips each obstacle.  She was looking for a goal, so this seems to be it!

My own race goal is Tough Mudder Melbourne (September 2013).  I plan to be feeling pretty strong by then and Tough Mudder HQ have been equally supportive by allocating me with my own free entry code as a gesture of good will after I recently transferred my previous blog URL of to them (thanks, Megan).

Now that things are improving, it seemed a good time to start blogging again so I will be posting an update each week as a daily account may get a bit tedious with the training limitations and so forth.  Each weekly summary will include training totals, stats and nutrition…along with anything race-relevant. In the long term, I see this year as a repair, rebuild and race strategy with eyes on another serious event for 2014.  Give the banner below a hit to watch a cool video and read a little more about this race…

The Spartan Death Race


My first follow-up appointment with my surgeon, Simon Holland, went really well yesterday.  He tested my range of motion and quickly stated “you’re miles ahead”.  With a few scares not long after my operation including a heavy fall, this was a big relief.  Adding to this I was told to ditch the sling (which I was half expecting) and that I could start running and using spin bikes (was not expecting this at all…bonus).

This news was good timing as I enter into an iron-clad, nutritional contract. Strict paleo is the simple rule. While this can sound daunting and highly restrictive to many, once you get in the groove it’s not too hard to maintain.  With the majority of the population over indulging, there is a lot to give up, but even more to gain. The last time I went “strict” was for around 8-10 weeks and I felt awesome for it.  Usually I maintain around 75-80% compliance so I’m not too much of a drag for the kids (and yes, so I can eat ice-cream). For the record, my version of strict still includes protein powder (as some zealots may note the whey protein is still a dairy derivative).

I have found that going into huge lists of what you can and can’t have only serves to complicate things. To keep things simple and explain this lifestyle to those unfamiliar with it,  I’ve found this flow chart and pyramid covers it all pretty well…



With this in mind, I apologise as I bore you senseless with a list of what foods I’ve consumed.  I’m not going to bother with quantities as everyone is different and am only looking to give you an idea of options.

NUTRITION (organic, local and free range whenever possible)

  1. Water ++
  2. Apples, grapes, nectarines, cherries, blueberries
  3. Grilled salmon and steamed brocollini
  4. Sushimi, shredded carrot
  5. Shakes: almond milk, protein powder, flax oil, chlorella powder, frozen mango
  6. Steak, mushrooms, leafy greens
  7. Roast chicken (skin on….mmmm)
  8. Eggs, mushrooms, turkey breast

TRAINING DEBUT (steady as she goes, ol’ fella)

Warm Up

Run 1km 75%, rest 1 minute, run 1km 85%


Three rounds of 10x single 45° leg press 40.0kg superset with 10x single leg extension 45.0kg


For time, complete 1km run, 30x 4-count flutter kicks, 30x smith machine squats, 30x straight leg raise, 1km run

Training will definitely not be featuring much upper body work for the next 6-8 weeks while I allow my delicate rotator cuff to heal good and proper.

Session 50 minutes  |  Average HR 137 (77%)  |  Energy 655 kcal



4 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. I don’t know what happened to your shoulder … But it’s a very interesting post, thanks for sharing!!! I tried to google what’s this diet it but cudnt understand … Any explanation???:))))) I’m preparing for Raw Challenfe in Sydney so go man go!!!

    • Hey Anna. Great to hear from you.
      I had some surgery on my right shoulder in December to fix a 3cm tear in my rotator cuff, relocate my bicep tendon and remove some damaged bone from my AC joint. Burger with the works and around 4-6 months before I’m training aggressively again.
      Glad you enjoyed the post…plenty more to come I hope. Look at Paleo as more of a lifestyle than a diet. It is driven at taking us back to the way we all “used to eat”…no dairy, no grains, no starches, no legumes, no alcohol, no processed/refined foods. Just animal protein, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, natural fats and heaps of water.
      There is information everywhere for Paleo…as the underpinning nutritional recommendation for CrossFit, there is no shortage of opinions and ideas. When I first started exploring this, I was directed to a site called Mark’s Daily Apple. The address I’ve included here will take you to a free subscription for his newsletter which includes free recipe e-books for meals and shakes:
      Let me know how you go. Be patient with yourself….if you find it too hard then try 6 days on, 1 day off or something like that so you can settle in a bit.
      Good luck for the Raw Challenge in Sydney….looks like a great race.


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