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Kick Ass

Embrace your inner Kick Ass

No, I am not dead nor have I adopted the lifestyle of a Tibetan monk.

I know it’s been a fair while since I’ve posted, but I promise it was for your own good.  Driven simply by a desire to spare you from the boring details, more than any gesture of abandonment. No matter how skilled a person may be in the craft of word-smithing, it’s a big ask for anyone to inject so much as a hint of excitement into a journey of post-surgical rehabilitation.  I had the best of intentions, but it just seemed better….no, kinder…. to suspend our little catch-ups than put you through the torment of reading my on-going tales of “Woe is me. My shoulder hurts.”

Although the rehabilitation has progressed really well, surprising both my surgeon and physio, the process is essentially BORING.  My only means of escape was to clock up a few km’s with various road runs, sandbag carry’s and lap swims…averaging around 35-40km per week.  Nothing startling, but enough to keep my mind occupied and capable of enduring the barrage of mind-numbing rotator cuff exercises….all valid….all BORING.

I write now bearing fantastic news….yesterday, 145 days since my surgical overhaul, I performed my first clean and jerks.  Yes….there you have it….moving a mighty weight of 35kg from ground to overhead for a total of 50 reps marked the start of a much anticipated, yet ugly road ahead where I try to restore the performance stats of 2012.  See what I mean?….if this defines “fantastic news” you can imagine how progress reports of my rehabilitation regimen would have swiftly shrouded you in a grey cloud of anaesthesia.

You’re welcome.

So, given that I’m able to start moving a bit of steel around it was time to set some targets.  The World’s Toughest Mudder was, if anything, a great way to focus my training and give it all a sense of purpose.  With the same theory in mind, I’ve set my goals for 2013…

  1. Sunday 28 April                  52km trail run  You Yangs Regional Park
  2. Saturday 11 May                 Salomon Trail Running Clinic, Studley Park
  3. Sunday 12 May                   8km Mothers’ Day Classic (with 17kg sandbag)
  4. Sunday 30 June                  15km trail run  Salomon Trail Series – Race 1
  5. Sunday 28 July                   17km trail run Salomon Trail Series – Race 2
  6. Sunday 25 August              21km trail run Salomon Trail Series – Race 3
  7. Saturday 14 September   20km Melbourne Tough Mudder, Phillip Island
  8. Saturday 21 September  100km Surf Coast Century, Anglesea
  9. Saturday 2 November     42km Spartan Ultra Beast, Sydney

By the time I reach the Spartan Ultra Beast my shoulder should be solid and my work capacity (hopefully) restored.

The 100km race is going to be a real test.  While the distance covered during the 2012 Worlds Toughest Mudder was longer, the obstacles provided much needed respite from the repetition of running.  This will not be the case for the Surf Coast Century…I can see myself dipping my legs in for a few cold, salt water soaks in the surf. The video below will take you for a quick tour of the first 50km’s or so….magic countryside that I hope will provide some much needed distraction.

The You Yangs run set for this coming Sunday will be spent with those battle-hardened at WTM12 and will be a great opportunity to catch up with guys I haven’t seen since the race.  The pace won’t be frantic but all about just getting mileage into muscles and connective tissue so that I’m much better prepared for the 100km trail race in September and don’t end up with lower limbs looking like this….

WTM12 Ankles

Very unhappy (c)ankles after 122km of Worlds Toughest Mudder 2012

Riddled between these events will be as much training as I can manage in between work and home so as to rebuild what once was.  The process will suck so that hopefully the races will not….at least that’s the plan for now 🙂

While I head off and seek out new sponsorship to carry me through these milestones I’d like to throw out a massive thank you to all that provided so much support last year and are still hanging in there, despite my temporary break in transmission.  I hope the year that remains provides some of you with some training ideas, motivation or just a few laughs.


Finally, pushing all the “me, me, me” aside, we remember what today is and what it means for all Australians and New Zealanders.  I attended my first Dawn Service at the Melbourne Shrine of Rememberance this morning, along with 50,000 others to make what was a record-breaking crowd.  Stories describing past conflicts and the ANZAC spirit were shared with the crowd, casting everyone into a positive, yet reflective silence.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.

Lest We Forget

Anzac Day


As I did last year, I will continue to use these races as platforms to raise awareness and support for ME/CFS Australia.

Please consider a donation.


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