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It is with slight amazement and absolute gratitude that I introduce Asics Australia as a supporter of Mud Racing Mechanics (thanks, Claire 🙂 ).  Charged with the protection of my lower limbs and general trail running well-being, Asics have been generous enough to support my deranged endeavours with some awesome footwear and apparel.  Take a look at this kit, will you…

Asics Kit

Ready To Rock The Trails

According to my gait analysis at Active Feet, I am fortunate enough to have strong biomechanics and was told I could pretty well choose any footwear I liked…provided the support was neutral and they had a sufficient drop to protect my achilles tendon and calves from the absolute beating they took at World’s Toughest Mudder 2012. Asics is famous for technical excellence and rigorous quality. They have been making shoes since 1949 and are the first choice for many of the world’s top athletes, boasting “a perfect performance requires a perfect fit”.

For me, the GEL-Fuji Sensor seems to be just that and will be my weapon of choice for the Salomon Trail Series and, all going well, the 100km Surf Coast Century. Whereas the GEL-DS Sky Speed 3 is brand new to their “Cushion” category and is more appropriate for a neutral runner taking on the inevitable pavement pounding that suburban training demands.

The GEL-Fuji Sensor will give me a 10mm drop and embodies everything the avid trail runner needs in an off road shoe. A lightweight and breathable reinforced mesh upper keeps the foot comfortable whilst a cushioned midsole achieves an outstanding ride. A new clutch counter system in the heel provides outstanding support and fit while the midsole caters for uneven terrain by employing individual pods that respond individually to localised pressure.  Mmmm, nice. You like?  Yes…you like.

Ever wondered about the GEL technology behind their footwear….take a look at this Discovery Channel doco….very cool….

Using a mobile device and having trouble watching this video?  Click here.

In 2013, Asics continue their proud association with SMA (Sports Medicine Australia), Australia’s foremost advisory body on medical and health issues for all active people.

ASICS Australia’s shoe development story is one of extraordinary partnerships with Australia’s elite athletes, leading sports physiotherapists, podiatrists and scientists together with Netball Australia and various Australian Universities.

Asics partnership with SMA is an assertion of ASICS’ pursuit of excellence and commitment to developing the best and safest sport specific athletic footwear for everyone who participates in sport and healthy physical activities.

Other proud partnerships include AAPSM (Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine) and APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association).


Magic new kit to help me run more miles smoother, smarter and recover faster. All you need to do is donate to ME/CFS Australia. Easy.

Please consider a donation to help others who wish they could run for miles.

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