Eat Clean. Run Clean.

Protein Supplies Australia - Clean Gear

It wasn’t until I started hunting for supplements at a local organics store that I discovered Protein Supplies Australia.  While there was a massive range of labels there, these guys are different.  Aside from the MUST DO concept of buying and supporting Australian, we must all be more aware of what we actually consume…looking deeper behind the labels.  If you don’t know what an ingredient or a number means, look that shit up.  You may be mildly horrified.  I can be a pushy bugger, and in the past I have taken my questions straight to the manufacturer. One example, regarding a brand I will not name, was questioning their use of artificial sweeteners (Sucralose 955…aka ‘Splenda’) over natural alternatives.  You can guess what their ‘polite’ response essentially translated to.  My response….bye, bye then.

Protein Supplies Australia boast pure, clean, affordable real nutrition without the added CRAP! Focusing on natural nutrition and health, they believe in a healthy, active lifestyle and healthy, natural nutrition to match it.  Their products feature the best natural raw ingredients available in a huge range of great products with delicious natural flavours.

They are not about spinning stories of how you’ll pack on monstrous slabs of lean muscle in 4 weeks if you use their 360 Whey Protein.  Nor will their WPI and Acetyl L-Carnitine get you totally ripped and shredded.  Their supplements are what they say they are….supplements.  Use them consistently around a healthy diet and an active lifestyle and enjoy the rewards. Better performance, better recovery and a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

I have just received a swag of the good stuff and will be sticking to this nutritional plan religiously.  I have enormous faith in Protein Supplies Australia’s ability to speed my shoulder recovery and restore me to a race-fit version well in time for my major events later in the year.  With the kind assistance of Melbourne Natural Wellness, I will be running a biometric analysis of myself so we can run some comparisons in a few months.  That should make for some interesting reading.

The Good Stuff


What is important to note about the Protein Supplies Australia product is their dedication to producing a clean supplement makes it an excellent option for those that cope with food sensitivities and allergies. As a part of her on-going battle with ME/CFS, Marcelle has been using PSA Creatine to improve her energy levels and hydration.  Thanks to the kindness and support of the PSA team, she has been included in this sponsorship package and will now also be receiving their Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) and Acetylated L-Carnitine as both have shown potential to improve the fatigue and neurological symptoms of ME/CFS.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on this with her and will keep you all updated.

Protein Supplies Australia are even creating a ME/CFS Australia discount code for their on-line store in the hope these products will assist others suffering from this terrible illness. An amazing gesture on their part.


I know training is a massive component of this process and am eager to get back under some decent weights again, but in the same breath I can’t force this process and must be led by my shoulder to some degree.  Patience, grasshopper. For now, my strength work will be based around foundation movements like the back squat, clean, bench press, deadlift and push press. Predominantly training 3-5 days per weeks with two sessions/day with 5x 5rep or 10x 3rep formats for strength work plus conditioning, with endurance components done separately.

That’s the theory in its perfect form anyway…subject to whatever else is going on…work, home, life…


If only a solution for ME/CFS was as easy as this.

Please consider a donation to ME/CFS Australia and be a part of improving the lives of others. 


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