The System

The System

Firstly, a big congratulations to all those who ran in today’s Men’s Health Urbanathlon.  The Melbourne Docklands and CBD was opened to participants ranging from awesome athletes seeking to improve their ladder ranking in the Australian Obstacle Course Racing League (OCRL) to those donning the fancy dress and running the course with friends to have some fun and get a sweat going. Whatever your mission was, I hope you had a ball and walked away relatively unscathed (some blood is ok though 🙂 ).


Unfortunately, my own capacity to hit this event or even go for a run through the bush was trashed earlier in the week when I fell victim to a rather inattentive driver and was knocked off my motorbike.  Looking right for oncoming traffic WHILE you’re turning left is not a strategy I would recommend.  This very apologetic lady hit me from behind, threw me off the bike and came to a stop over the top of my bike’s back wheel.  My left knee copped the brunt of it and I’m just dealing with a bit of bruising, inflammation/fluid build-up and minor pain.  It could have been much worse and the knee is improving each day, but the interruption to training and leaving me without transport for a while is a right pain in the arse.


While I’m sitting on said arse I thought I should at least attempt to be productive.  With a flurry of registrations for the 2013 World’s Toughest Mudder going down at the moment, I’ve had a few of my mates from WTM12 asking for help with bits and pieces here and there.  This made it clear that I had a gap in my blog….while I have trapped on about nutrition, reviewed bits of kit and talked big about races and training I haven’t really touched on anything to do with the logistics within an epic race such as WTM13….racing for 24+hrs self-supported demands organisation and planning.  A system.

This information is now permanently available via the main menu at the top of this page via  THE SYSTEM….or you can just give the image below a quick click.

I know there are a hundred different opinions around as far as race gear strategies go and if they work for the individual, then who’s to argue?  What I’ve done is simply document my own system that definitely worked well for me.  If it helps anyone else out there, then I’m stoked.



Before you run off, I’ve had a few laughs over the weekend that I’d like to share.  It was Marcelle’s birthday last Thursday (yes, 34…again) so we all went out for dinner on Saturday night.  Taking in the magic atmosphere, awesome food and legendary margaritas at Radio Mexico we found ourselves talking movies.  Now, what movie do you think would hold title for “the funniest opening 10 minutes”?  Now, to save you wasting your time I’ll give you the answer for free….Super Troopers.  This unsung 2001 comedy classic features the shenanigans of five Vermont State Troopers, and as a guy that spent 7 years of his life in the police Traffic Division I can assure you that the “Police vs Driver” pranks in this movie are not that far from the truth (not on my part, of course….just stories I would hear… 😉 )

Please…get comfortable for the next 9 minutes and soak up this champagne comedy…ahhh….memories….

Can’t view this video on your mobile device? Click here.

If you’re in Melbourne and looking for a great dining experience, you have to give Radio Mexico a run.  Their staff (especially Adele and Kirsty) are friendly, warm and genuine, with food and drink to match….definitely some of the best I’ve ever had.  Give their uber-cool logo below a click to find out more.

Radio Mexico


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