Diplomatic Immunity

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I was sure the relationship will not end up like something from Lethal Weapon II so it was easy to accept the very kind offer from Rapid Ascent (thanks, Sam) to be appointed as a Race Ambassador for the Surf Coast Century 100km trail race due to take place in Anglesea, Victoria on Saturday 21 September 2013.  Give the race link at the top left of the page to learn more about this ultra-distance event, plus the equally awesome Salomon Trail Series (which I’ve also entered).  These are great events and a “must-do” for any serious obstacle racer who wants to clock up some k’s.

As one of only two race ambassadors, our role is to represent the best interests of the race as well as to offer training advice and guidance to any competitors.  My compatriot is a young guy by the name of Julian Spence.  Julian is a highly accomplished runner with some serious PBs such as a 2:27 marathon and a 31:10 10km time trial…serious stuff.  While Julian has been appointed for his specialist running background, I’ve been brought in to represent the obstacle racing fraternity and to provide advice for any competitors seeking help with combining strength/endurance training, in-race nutrition and injury management. This race is a fantastic way to consolidate the serious mileage you need in your legs to survive ultra-obstacle events like World’s Toughest Mudder (24 hours) and Spartan Ultra Beast (42km) which are held a month or so later.

Acting as a race ambassador for an event like this a great honour. I am definitely feeling the pressure (albeit positive) to make sure there’s some fragment of respect in my finishing time.  My own personal goal for the race?….inside 12 hours.  Not for any other reason that to get my paws on the “finisher’s trophy of the gods”….an engraved 1-litre glass beer stein. Behold….the Holy Grail…

The Holy Grail

The race’s elevation profile is not for the feint hearted. It will be no mean feat to maintain an average pace of 7:12/km for the full duration if you want to hobble away with one of these.  There is no shortage of hill work and the first 25km of the race is virtually all sand.  When a few of us hit the You Yangs Reserve for a 52km trail run a while back, our elevation gain was 1,250m and the average pace ended up at 6:54/km.  It’s gonna be close.

SCC Elevation Profile

My main issue at the moment is some inflammation of my left achilles tendon.  My one-man medical team, Dr. Locky Goodwin, has advised four weeks rest with light runs on soft trail surfaces.  I can’t recommend Locky strongly enough to anyone in the Melbourne area…a highly experienced Osteopath and senior lecturer at RMIT, the guy knows his shit…and I will blindly obey.  It’s just so f*cking annoying to be dealing with yet another injury leading into big races…I really had hoped all that was behind me after the shoulder surgery in December.  While running is off the list for the four week period, I will be giving the bike and ergo a flogging.  The week ahead will be four days of consecutive training combining ride/row drills and strength work, building up to a long 3-4hr session on Friday.


On a personal note for those who have been following not only my progress and antics, but also taking a kind interest in Marcelle’s well-being, we are happy to say she has been doing really well lately.  Continuing on with her recent return to the workforce, she’s now swimming often and really starting to feel her (beautiful) spark return.  The cupboards are full of a huge range of supplements which are undoubtedly making a difference…the battles of extensive trial and error processes through the earlier years are actually starting to bear fruit.  She still needs some pharmaceuticals, but these form only a small segment of her regimen.

The frustrating nature of this awful illness is that in the absence of major research investment, Marcelle’s progress is predominantly unique to her.  While the information can be shared and tried by others with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/CFS, their results will vary dramatically.

Marcelle had a ball on Friday night and Saturday attending a seminar facilitated by one of the world’s leading authorities on nutrition, David Wolfe.  He is he rock star of the superfoods and longevity world, and fans look to him for expert advice in health, beauty, herbalism, nutrition and chocolate!  Needless to say, she came home with a small swag of stuff which will be finding its way into my own usual superfood breakfast shakes. Awesome!

David Wolfe


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