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I am absolutely stoked to announce another partnership for Mud Racing Mechanics.  Now proudly racing as a brand ambassador for Suunto Australia, I will be here to tell you all there is to know about their quality kit, and how well suited it is to the demands of our beloved obstacle/adventure racing circuit. To kick off what will undoubtedly be a great working relationship, I have already been handed a Suunto showbag containing an Ambit2 Sapphire HR, neck sock/beanie and the mud-racer’s silent sidekick, a spork.

It’s of no real surprise that upon my arrival home I was nearly shoved down the stairs for the latter two.  My wife and son were on the brink of engaging in combat sports for possession rights while I tried in vein to show them the magnificence of the Ambit2’s construction and user interface. Heathens.

In the interests of maintaining a homestead state of peace and love, the neck sock and spork have been discretely placed in secure storage….I’ll hold off a few days before I post photos of those two items…let the intensity dissolve a bit maybe.

Tis But A Watch

While they squabble, my favour belongs to the Ambit2 Sapphire HR.  For those (like me) who feed off, and are motivated by training and performance data, this is the MUST HAVE of all wrist computers for anyone pursuing a passion in long-to-ultra distance obstacle and adventure racing. Navigation, speed, heart rate, altitude, weather conditions and extended features for running, biking and swimming.  To further diversify these options, there are thousands of Suunto Apps available to add new functionalities to the watch. TOUGH AS NUTS in the glass fibre reinforced casing with a brushed steel bezel and a hardened sapphire crystal face, the battery life of up to 50 hours (dependent upon satellite refresh rates, back-lighting and apps) will have your Ambit2 ready for any adventure race you can throw at it.

The set-up was easy and intuitive.  I have already selected my most common training and racing activities via the web-based data management site Not only does Movescount provide a fantastic platform for your data storage but also promotes a great sense of community by allowing users to collaborate in groups, attend training sessions and follow activities.  Within each activity I can also customise my preferred metrics to fit into multiple screens for each activity….I was ready to roll the next morning.

As we all know only too well…the nature of obstacle/adventure racing demands a broad spectrum of training and application.  Whether it’s strength, power, speed, endurance, accuracy or task-specific practice (spoken like a true CrossFit Trainer), the Suunto Ambit2 will have the activity covered.  After only one return trip on the bike to work under its belt, the Ambit2 already picks up satellites within around 5-10 seconds and the heart-rate transmitter almost instantly.  The other bonus is that I can stop worrying about running face first into a light-post while I’m trying to check data on the move in low light. The back light on the Ambit2 is bright enough to bring a commercial aircraft in for landing. Crisis averted.

Upgrades to the watch are made by software updates as they’re needed via methods not dissimilar to GoPro. This ensures the hardware is operating at maximum efficiency and remains responsive to user feedback and development requests.

Now to the juicy bits…the depth of the data generated by this thing is gob-smacking.  Everything you can imagine (and some you couldn’t) are mapped, measured and compared. To give you a small example of the total summary, just about every metric below can be pushed into a graph or similar and viewed against previous sessions.  Sick.



It seems I might be a part of the largest promotion Suunto Australia has ever run, with the fun game aimed at giving away a swag of Ambit2 and Ambit2 S watches. Quality, style and precision for everyone!

There are over $30,000 in prizes to be won every day for 30 days so spread the word around!  Hit the image below to register for free and be in the running to win some hot property from Suunto, Oakley and 2XU.

My fingers are crossed for every one of you!  In the meantime, I’ll be loving mine sick and shoving as much training data into it as I can.  My achilles inflammation continues but it is definitely recovering as the mountain bike work and CrossFit WODs keep my overall volume ticking over.  My week ahead will be busy with an off-site work trip disrupting my usual routine, but it’s my intention to finish off with a beast of a session on Friday.

If there’s anyone out there who is up for a pre-dawn start to the day with a 3-4 hour session, just let me know via comments below.  I’m definitely up for an “open session” concept where we all start at the same time, but not necessarily in the same location. Without revealing the full structure, the movements will be rowing, kettlebell swings, chin-ups and clean/press.  It’s a high volume session, so no blousing out when I publish the session layout.  Tempted, aren’t you?!  😉

5 thoughts on “Suunto Tough

    • Hey Gabriel,

      Ha!… I love Texans. The ones I’ve been lucky enough to meet have always been funny, loud and great value to be around. I’m glad you’ve overcome your stage fright and have sent out a shout 🙂

      I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed the posts…are you hitting up any events/races yourself? Hopefully you’ve picked up a few ideas off the site, or at the very least have had a few laughs at my expense while I suffer through a few. I don’t think I’ve ever had a “boring” race…there’s always a few curve balls to deal with. Keeps it fun, that’s for sure.

      Don’t be shy now…drop a line anytime to say g’day 😉


  1. How does a Suunto do in mud runs? I have relatively new Ambit2; I do not plan to coddle it, but I also do not want to destroy it.

    • Hi. Thanks for taking a look through my blog 🙂 You’ll be happy to hear that your newly acquired Ambit2 is pretty much indestructible. Did you buy the sapphire glass model?…this is the one I have. If yes, then you could drag that thing face down through gravel and it would come out without a scratch. If you have standard glass on the face, the watch will definitely be up to the task, you just might want to put something over the face just in case…a wrist sweatband can be handy for that.

      What mud run are you taking on?


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