Friends Again. For Now.



  1. Sunday 28 April                  52km trail run  You Yangs Regional Park
  2. Saturday 11 May                 Salomon Trail Running Clinic, Studley Park
  3. Sunday 12 May                   8km Mothers’ Day Classic (with 17kg sandbag)
  4. Sunday 30 June                  15km trail run  Salomon Trail Series – Race 1
  5. Sunday 28 July                   17km trail run Salomon Trail Series – Race 2
  6. Sunday 25 August              21km trail run Salomon Trail Series – Race 3
  7. Saturday 14 September   20km Melbourne Tough Mudder, Phillip Island
  8. Saturday 21 September  100km Surf Coast Century, Anglesea
  9. Saturday 2 November     42km Spartan Ultra Beast, Sydney
  10. Saturday 16 November  24hr World’s Toughest Mudder, New Jersey, US (maybe)

I guess I have to man up and be the first to extend the hand of friendship.  I had obviously taken the relationship between my connective tissue and I for granted, and for that I have been quite sorry for the past 6-7 weeks.  Since showing my achilles tendon the love it deserves, it has quit its persistent aggravation and become far more amenable to popular past times such as trail running….or jõgging as some may know it…take it away, Ron.

Can’t view this clip on your mobile device? Click here, numb-nuts.

Whatever you may call it, or whatever extended period of time you may run for, it was a massive relief to get Race 1 of the Salomon Trail Series out of the way relatively unscathed.  Mind you, the “love” I was required to throw down was the equivalent of 27 Valentines Day’s rolled into one.


  1. Stretch/roller work….pain threshold test, check.
  2. Velbexx-17….read more
  3. Transdermal Mag Oil…stings like a bitch, but obviously effective…have a read
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Magnesium tablets

Race day:

  1. Stretch/roller work…more pain.
  2. Velbexx-17
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Magnesium tablets
  5. Kinesio tape
  6. Compression socks
  7. Sorbathene inserts

What a *ucking princess….but yes, a limp-free princess.

It was an early start to anyone’s Sunday, but what a totally magic morning.  The weather was cool, crisp and barely a cloud in the sky. Rapid Ascent, as always, had a highly efficient registration/set-up area going and the place was a buzz of happy, healthy people all ready to hit some trails.

Salomon Trail Race 1 - Start

While I was happy with the way my achilles pulled up, I definitely felt the effects of a 5 week abstinence from running of any kind.  I foolishly flew off the start line, getting dragged along by the fleet-footed veterans around me, peaking at 3:15/km at one point!  Once my first engine burnt out, the middle third of the race was a bit of a grinder. Thankfully, the angry tunes I had playing drowned out the noise of heavy footsteps and heavier breathing. I can’t even tell you much about all the other people racing because I only ever saw their backs as they passed me.  I was passed a lot.  I didn’t like it.

I sucked down a caffeine gel at around the 10km mark and felt much better…not surprising given that a normal coffee will have me bouncing off walls for the rest of the day.  Given my injury management, I was aiming at anything under 1:15 and came in…still pretty disappointed…at 1:12.

Salomon Race 1 - Running

My quads, ITBs and calves are crying but that’s ok…just not used to the punishment of uneven ground and downhill running. My place result/s for the 15km course came in at 89/437 overall and 22/107 in the 40-49yr category. Room for improvement? For sure. Nervous about the Surf Coast Century and the thought of having to do that race nearly 7 times back-to-back….shit, yeah.

Whatever.  Bring it on….will be off to Lysterfield Park for a long trail run this weekend.

Despite all my whining, my Suunto Ambit2 Sapphire was a treat to run with.  Never missed a beat….here’s some of the (sad) stats it regurgitated for me…when you’re running in your maximal heart rate zone for over 95% of your race, you know things can get better…

Salomon Trail Race 1 - Stats

Anyway, that should do you for a dose of my post-event “I’m sore” whining and randomised downpour of statistics. The next race is 17km on Sunday 28 July at Plenty Gorge.  There are short and medium courses too, so there is no excuse for you not to hit the link at the top-left of this page and register. It really is a great way to get out of the city and enjoy some rough terrain with a bunch of good people.

As we part company, a gift from the book of bearded wisdom….


Chuck Norris refers to himself in the fourth person.


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