Inflammation? What inflammation?

Inflamed Achilles

Hmmmm…..not quite what I meant.

Now that the stretchy bits between my joints seem to be settling down (for now), I need to start clocking up more mileage if I am going to survive the 100km Surf Coast Century well enough to recover for other long races that will be following shortly afterwards.

To recap, here’s my race itinerary for the remainder of the year, including a couple of new races that I’d like to have a dig at:

  1. Sunday 28 April                  52km trail run  You Yangs Regional Park
  2. Saturday 11 May                 Salomon Trail Running Clinic, Studley Park
  3. Sunday 12 May                   8km Mothers’ Day Classic (with 17kg sandbag)
  4. Sunday 30 June                  15km trail run  Salomon Trail Series – Race 1
  5. Sunday 28 July                   17km trail run Salomon Trail Series – Race 2
  6. Sunday 25 August              21km trail run Salomon Trail Series – Race 3
  7. Saturday 14 September   20km Melbourne Tough Mudder, Phillip Island
  8. Sunday 6 October              14km Spartan Super, Morrisons, Victoria (with Gus)
  9. Saturday 21 September  100km Surf Coast Century, Anglesea
  10. Saturday 2 November     42km Spartan Ultra Beast, Sydney
  11. Saturday 16 November  24hr World’s Toughest Mudder, New Jersey, US (maybe)
  12. Sunday 8 December        48km Lorne Adventure Race, Lorne, Victoria

Since testing my achilles tendon in Race 1 of the Salomon Trail Series last month, there isn’t really much of significance to report but I have been slowly injecting more mileage into my runs…just to make sure it behaves itself.  Mind you, I’ve confined the majority of those miles to trail work in an attempt to practice running across constantly changing surfaces where it is difficult to settle into a rhythm for too long….as I expect it will be for the Surf Coast Century.  This is also a sign that I’m still a little nervous about undoing recent tendon repair by pounding on concrete.

I’m nursing it all pretty gently though…varying combinations of osteotherapy (thanks, Locky)/massage, Kenesio tape, Velbexx-17, compression socks and Sorbathene insoles are shielding my achilles from the elements as much as possible.

The good news is that I’ve been pulling up well.  I’ve managed to hit Lysterfield Lake Park and Churchill National Park over the past couple of weekends and the recovery has been really promising.  Definitely not breaking any speed records, but getting stronger and more comfortable. The only bitter pill I’ve had to swallow has been the realisation that if I hope to remain mobile and able-bodied for my race calendar, I’m going to have to exercise more restraint with my weight lifting aspirations.  Spending most of my working days around younger guys pushing serious iron, this isn’t easy.  I’ve decided to shift most of my resistance work to body weight stuff, kettlebells and core work as I’ve found that trying to go “heavy” again is simply failing the cost/benefit analysis.

Who would have believed that roller work, massage, good supplements and consistently training within the upper range of your limits (occasionally nudging them) would promote an improved endurance base and better post-session recovery?  It’s a f*cking revelation….someone call Dr. Phil…the world deserves to know. Even Chuck looks surprised…

Chuck Norris Surprised

It’s a weird mental journey to come back from surgery and rehab….you know that the process will be painstaking and annoying but a part of you still believes you can just pick back up from where you left off.  Wrong, dumbarse….just be happy you have a working shoulder and stop trying to duplicate weights and WODs from when you were peaking last year.

Lifting Fail

While I’ve been increasing my runs, it has given me cause to play with the features of my beloved Suunto Ambit2 Sapphire HR.  If you didn’t already know, not only can you pack them with every metric readout known to man, but you can even create your own apps which can be shared publicly for other Suunto users to download.  It’s a sharing, caring community.

Thanks to Vince from Walnut Creek, USA I have added a 100km estimator to my readouts.  So whenever I’m hitting a long trail run, I can instantly check my predicted finishing time for a 100km race….such as our own Surf Coast Century.  Very handy tool as my ultimate goal is to finish inside 12 hours so I can hobble home with one of these bad boys in my possession…

The Holy Grail

The longer runs I’ve knocked out lately have been mixed with plenty of MTB riding and CrossFit to maintain some sense of balance and keep things mixed up enough to be interesting and motivating.  If all I did was run I’d just get bored… I need the variety.  For those that are interested, I’ve attached the data from my last two runs below….if anything, it gives you a bit of a look at some of the stuff at your fingertips on the Suunto Ambit2. I just left the 100km estimator and elevation on the graph, but you can see some of the other metrics available too.

Lysterfield Run Data

I’m sure that’s enough of me spouting off at you for now…it’s time to sign off and watch the world’s best cyclists smash themselves through the 242.5km 15th Stage of the Tour de France…including a quad-busting grind up the 1,912m Mont Ventoux.  Hello, sleep deprivation…but so worth watching.

To improve performance, many of this year’s cyclists consult the Bearded Buddha for enlightenment before every Tour stage…

If Chuck Norris died and came back as an animal, he would come back as Chuck Norris.




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