Pause for Applause


With the race highs of the Surf Coast Century and Spartan Super now behind me, it is time to take a moment to appreciate the support behind my endeavours, without which I’d be suffering physically, financially and possibly even classified as ‘recently single’.  The journey to this point has been filled with moments of generosity and good will.  Whether you want to call it karma, good fortune or dumb luck, it is never taken for granted.

PSA Page Break

Protein Supplies Australia boast pure, clean, affordable real nutrition without added CRAP! Focusing on natural nutrition and health, they believe in a healthy, active lifestyle and healthy, natural nutrition to match it.  Their products feature the best natural raw ingredients available in a huge range of great products with delicious natural flavours.

They do not spin stories of how you’ll pack on monstrous slabs of lean muscle in 4 weeks if you use their 360 Whey Protein.  Nor will their WPI and Acetyl L-Carnitine get you totally ripped and shredded.  Their supplements are what they say they are….supplements.  Use them consistently around a healthy diet and an active lifestyle and enjoy the rewards. Better performance, better recovery and a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

Personally, I’m really starting to see the benefits.  My shoulder recovery has always been miles ahead of schedule and strength imbalances are gradually disappearing.  On top of this, I feel WELL. My energy levels are great, I sleep well and my rate of recovery after major events has been a massive bonus.

I’m using their products almost every day….my breakfast will usually involve a blended, nutritional smart-bomb containing (organic wherever possible) almond milk, raw spinach, cacao nibs, almonds, flaxseed oil, frozen blueberries, frozen mango cheek, Instantised WPI, Colostrum, Creatine, Branch Chain Amino Acids, L-Glutamine, Acetylated L-CarnitineL-Glutamine and D-Aspartic Acid.  I’ll also use Spark as a pre-workout supplement for any nasty sessions. No wonder I’m feeling so good!

What is important to note about the Protein Supplies Australia product is their dedication to producing a clean supplement.  This makes it an excellent option for those that cope with food sensitivities and allergies. As a part of her on-going battle with ME/CFS, Marcelle has been using PSA Creatine to improve her energy levels and hydration.  Thanks to the kindness and support of the PSA team, she has been included within their sponsorship package and will now also be receiving their Branch Chain Amino Acids and Acetylated L-Carnitine as both have been linked to the fatigue and neurological symptoms of ME/CFS.  She also uses their BioPro and L-Glutamine…both critical elements to maintaining a workable grasp on her energy levels and overall health….both of which have shown improvements since including this supplement program.

Massive thank you to Matt and the PSA team.

Asics Page Break

Brave enough to take charge of the protection of my lower limbs and general trail running well-being, Asics have been generous enough to support my occasionally deranged endeavours with some awesome footwear and apparel. Synonymous with technical excellence and rigorous quality, they have been making shoes since 1949 and are the first choice for many of the world’s top athletes [and ageing weekend warriors 😉 ].

In keeping with their mantra of “a perfect performance requires a perfect fit”, the GEL-Fuji Sensor 2 is exactly that and was my weapon of choice for the Salomon Trail Series and the 33km final stage of the 100km Surf Coast Century. Whereas the GEL-DS Sky Speed 3 is brand new to their “Cushion” category and is more appropriate for a neutral runner (such as myself) taking on the inevitable pavement pounding that suburban training demands….they were also PERFECT for the all-beach 21km first stage of the Surf Coast Century trail ultra.

Surf Coast Century - Stage 1

Surf Coast Century, Stage 1 – Asics GEL DS Sky Speed 3

ASICS Australia’s shoe development story is one of extraordinary partnerships with Australia’s elite athletes, leading sports physiotherapists, podiatrists and scientists together with Netball Australia and various Australian Universities. Asics partnership with Sports Medicine Australia is an assertion of ASICS’ pursuit of excellence and commitment to developing the best and safest sport specific athletic footwear for everyone who participates in sport and healthy physical activities.

Other partnerships include the AAPSM (Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine) and APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association).

Thanks Windmills 😉

Suunto Page Break

My favour belongs to the Suunto Ambit2 Sapphire HR.  For those (like me) who feed off, and are motivated by training and performance data, this is the MUST HAVE of all wrist computers for anyone pursuing a passion in long-to-ultra distance obstacle and adventure racing. Navigation, speed, heart rate, altitude, weather conditions and extended features for running, biking and swimming.  To further diversify these options, there are literally thousands of Suunto Apps available to add new functionalities to the watch.

Tis But A Watch

TOUGH AS NUTS in the glass fibre reinforced casing with a brushed steel bezel and a hardened sapphire crystal face, the battery life of up to 50 hours (dependent upon satellite refresh rates, back-lighting and apps) will have your Ambit2 ready for any adventure race you can throw at it. I’ve given this an absolute thrashing through 39km of Tough Mudder and 28km of Spartan Super….at both events I deliberately took no steps to protect the watch or HR strap in order to make sure it was a no-holds-barred evaluation.

If you want an all-purpose GPS and HR device that survives severe torment but can still accommodate the dress code, “Formal”, then stop looking and start racing!

Awesome stuff, Sam….looking forward to a solid 2014.  Thanks mate.

Rapid Ascent Page Break

Driven by an enthusiastic, professional and personable team, Rapid Ascent is without question Australia’s leading adventure sports event management company. Organising off-road adventure events across the country ranging from mass participation adventure races to boutique mountain bike festivals, these guys provide options for all skill levels and physical capacities.  The events have a great festive atmosphere which attracts excellent sponsorship and friendly participants.

Connecting with Sam and Adele (sincere thanks, guys), I have been involved in three of the Salomon Trail Series races (#1, #2 and #3) and the 100km Surf Coast Century, with the latter including representation as one of their race ambassadors…there to help any other entrants with training information for the 100km itself or any other obstacle/adventure events.  With these awesome events now done and dusted it’s time to hone in on other races that will definitely challenge my abilities.

  1. Lorne Adventure Race 50km, 8 December 2013
  2. Falls Creek Mountain Raid 120km, 15-16 February 2014

The main issue?…..paddling!  Of the 379,600 hours of my existence on this planet, I have spent a total of approximately 4 on a floating device that requires manual labour to generate forward propulsion.  The numbers?….that’s 0.001% of my time. That also includes the 45 minute lesson I had last night, courtesy of Peak Adventure, Sandridge Lifesaving Club (thanks, James) .

Kayak Lesson #1

Not exactly what you might call experienced.  But on a positive note, I’m looking forward to having a crack at it and will be getting involved in some group training sessions as often as I can to sharpen up these somewhat blunt skills….there’ll be no shortage of laughs on the way, I’m sure.


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