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The year thus far has been a mosaic of events that have bestowed upon me many gifts….pain, torment, triumph, mates and memories.  An awesome year and we’re not even half way through.  What lies ahead will most surely provide more of the same….unexpectedly, I have found myself thrown into a mixing bowl with some of Australia’s most freakish OCR athletes – all heading to Under Armour’s Australian Tough Mudder team “O-School” where 25hrs of torment and testing will cut our 40-ish crew down to the best four-person team we can create.

Our “O-School” class of 2014 was put together with a very specific selection criteria, formulated by highly respected coaches Chief & Emilie Brabon from ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™.  Click here for their interview with Obstacle Racing Magazine and give this Post by Obstacle Racing Magazine a click to see what they were looking for.

From what I know of some of those involved in this endeavour is that we share pleasure in seeking out an extreme and unusual challenge before shaking it violently until it submits…then moving onto the next one. For me, while not necessarily the fastest cat on the track, no matter what the event objective may be I will drag my bleeding corpse, and those of my team mates if they need it, across any finish line.

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The email recently received from Under Armour Australia MD, Will Phillips pretty much sums it up:

You have been selected for either Sydney or Melbourne, you have been training till your fingers bleed and your not going home without a fight… this is where it gets serious… 

Over the next three weeks, 130 individuals will try out  for the first official Australian National Team for Tough Mudder. In the end, four individuals will be selected as a team to represent their nation as the Under Armour Toughest Mudders. The tryout process has been carefully structured by our Performance Coaches, Chief & Em Brabon, to test your physical and mental abilities.  The field of applicants is extremely strong and we’re ready to be wowed.

Under Armour is fortunate to have relationships with athletes all over the globe, from boxers to ballerinas, soccer players to surfers, tennis players to triathletes. Through our partnership with Tough Mudder we’ve gotten to know another breed of athletes: Tough Mudders and obstacle course racers. They aren’t celebrities with big endorsement deals; they’re not global stars. Not yet at least. But physically and mentally they are some of the most impressive athletes we know. Fiercely dedicated, willing to push physical and mental limits and loyal to their fellow Mudders. They embody the Under Armour spirit and we’re proud to support Team Australia.

The next few weeks won’t be easy, but that’s why you signed up. Thank you for participating; we wish you the best of luck!

Having trouble viewing this clip?  Click here.

To my fellow O-School-ers…wishing everyone the absolute best of luck as we let it all hang out.  May we all remain injury free, focused and single-minded to the tasks we are assigned. Look out for each other.  Work as a team.  Get the job done to the best of our ability. The bus ride back to Central Station will be a loud one 🙂

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