Golden Triangle Semi-Epic

But look what I’ve brought for you?!!…..

Well, here’s a quick snapshot of my first dib at the Golden Triangle Epic event, held in picture-skew country Bendigo.  This was very much a last minute undertaking thanks to a bit of quiet nagging from my off-road/on-trail nemesis/badger, Good-O….

Usually I go balls-out and voluntarily step into the hurt locker when there’s the option of a long-distance haul.  There were the 100km “Epic” and 160km “Ultimate” options available at the GTE, but we jumped on the 50km “Shorty”.  This one was more a social outing…a chance to hit trails with a mate and get rubber down on different dirt.  Bendigo was virgin territory for both of us.

A not-that-early-rise and a cruisy drive had us in the town limits around an hour before our 10:45am start.  Although this was all a pretty relaxed vibe, my body woke in a state of “Fuck…!?…are we racing today? Thanks for telling me, wanker!”

Fight-or-flight response kicked in and before I knew it I had taken four nervous dumps before 10:00am.  Game on.

The race was well organised…plenty of volunteers on course, although some local twats decided it would be funny to mess with course markings, throwing a few riders off the grid…myself included (but only costing a minute or two).  What stood out the most was the temperament of everyone on course…whether expert elite or weekend warrior, everyone was friendly, positive and upbeat….like something from The Truman Show.

Actually, that’s not what stood out the most…. Good-O….!…..can you guess what stood out the most, mate?….yep…. that glorious 11-minute margin 🙂    Maybe those local twats aren’t so bad after all (#moneywellspent).

Click for numbers-by-Movescount

Maybe an anomaly?…a glitch in the matrix?…an episode of The Twilight Zone?….but I’ll take it 😉

The Golden Triangle Epic pulls some big names in Australian mountain biking….it’s on a tough course that, without major climbs and rewards-for-effort, demands you grind those cranks for pretty much the full duration…navigating some tough, unforgiving terrain.

In a nut-shell, I’d do this race again, but with decent prep to crack on a bigger distance. But as far as a social day out goes, I’d rather do those kind of road miles to find myself somewhere like Bright or Buller if given the choice.


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