Survival Run Australia

BOOM !  Done and dusted….finished in 4th place overall after nearly 17hrs of torment.  Review coming soon, badasses!

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Off-trail races are best described as “God’s own obstacle course”, with athletes leaping, crawling, climbing, swimming, and of course running through some of the world’s toughest natural environments.

The 75km Buckley’s Chance Survival Run is an event for athletes who have participated in any kind of trail, OCR, Ultra Endurance, adventure race or similar to step up and experience the terrain in the NSW Hinterland.

Survival Run Logo

Fuego y Agua’s signature Survival Runs take that extreme experience one step further, producing the ultimate hybrid event where the world’s best obstacle racers, sky runners, adventure racers, trail runners, survivalists and military personnel go head to head in a battle of mental, physical and emotional endurance.

In true Fuego y Agua style, Australia’s first Survival Run event will take place inside a 20 million year old shield volcano situated in the NSW/ QLD Border Ranges. This is the same area where the Australian Army has trained it’s Infantry and Special Forces Soldiers for Jungle Warfare since World War 2…

Buckleys Chance Logo

Welcome to “Buckley’s Chance” – The first Survival Run event of its kind in Australia.

Our 2015 event will consist of three separate races:

  • 75km Survival Run – Ultra endurance, Ultra Challenge – Application only

  • 50km Ultra Off-trail Run – Endurance Off Trail run

  • 25km Off-trail Run – Off Trail Run

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