July Debris

0830hrs sharp, Sunday 29 July 2012

Guys and girls….welcome to July Debris (formerly known as October Breeze, but it’s not October so we had to think of something clever).  This is intended to be a good day out where you test yourself and enjoy no shortage of light-hearted banter amongst friends.  Make no mistake, this is a gruelling sequence of tasks where nutrition and monitoring your own body throughout the day is critical to not only completing the event successfully, but your rate of recovery in the week to come.  When we first tried this in 2010 we were cripples for 48 hours but training again by Wednesday.

Thanks to the generosity of Chris and Maria of CrossFit 121, you will be treated to an outstanding , purpose-built facility located at 69A Tounton Drive, Cheltenham (map reference). I know some of you were expecting us to host this event in the CBD, however the CrossFit 121 facility and location will be much better suited to the day’s itinerary and larger numbers.  To assist with transport, I will be offering a shuttle service from Grand Hyatt Melbourne to Cheltenham leaving at 7.30am sharp.  I can happily transport 6 people and will drive your weary bones back again when the job’s done…estimating around 5.30pm.

It’s a solid day out…rest intelligently for a few days leading in and sleep well.  Arrive early.  Get sorted.



110 minutes

Forced march with 25.0kg backpack

(scaled to 30% body weight if required)

15 minutes

Eat, stretch, hydrate.  Change clothes if necessary.

60 minutes

Run at half-marathon pace

60 minutes

1,000 walking lunges

30 minutes

5 rounds of :  1 minute max reps ring dips in 1 min + 1 minute max ring push-ups

Rest 1 min between rounds.

60 minutes

Run at half marathon pace

15 minutes

Eat, stretch, hydrate.  Change clothes if necessary.

30 minutes

100 chin-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats.

Maximum intensity.  No partitioning.

15 minutes

Run 10x 100m sprints

Rest 1 min rest between rounds

15 minutes

100 burpees

30 minutes

4 rounds of :  50 squats, 5 muscle-ups

(if you cannot do muscle-ups, substitute 1 rep = 3 chin-ups + 3 dips)

30 minutes

500 sit-ups

10 minutes

Run 1 mile (1,600m) at maximum pace

< 8:00 hours >

The times alloted are to be applied as cut-offs.  Stop and move to the next task.  Should you complete any task ahead of time, you have the choice to either rest or continue on.


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