Click…shop…and use the code ‘mudracingmechanics‘ to rub 15% off your order.  Happy days.

This brand and their products reflect all that they stand for. Matt, Drew and the team are massively passionate about health, and fight for the awareness of what people are putting in their bodies. We all work way too hard on our training, diet and lifestyle to fuel up with artificial, synthetic or banned nasties. #Naturalfuel only, thanks!


The range of products are perfect for the everyday active person looking for a quality lifestyle and value a good nutritionally rich diet….along with the competitive athletes and weekend warriors who all look for pure, high-grade proteins and amino acids. PSA focus on products of the highest nutritional quality and sustainable processes from around the world. Think clean. Eat natural. Live healthy.

If you would like to learn the full story, check out their product book in all it’s glossy glory…


Aside from any athletic endeavours I might have a crack at, I can tell you the general health, wellbeing and energy of our household owes a huge amount of gratitude to the PSA team.  After spending so many years of her life as an uber-fit, trekking, rock climbing, surfing, scuba diving, weight lifting superwoman, my beautiful wife was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalopathy in 2004.  While I won’t dive into detail, the consequences have been severe on many levels.

While she continues to deal with the symptoms today, her overall quality of life and physical capacity owe a huge debt of gratitude to the purity and quality of the PSA product range.  Specifically creatine, beta alanine, colostrum, branch chain amino acids and l-glutamine….with no word of exaggeration, these products have been life changing.

Whether you are chronically ill, or experiencing episodes where you feel flat, unresponsive or just a bit off your game the solution could be staring you in the face.  Hit the button above to teleport to the PSA site, read about the products and try a few sample packs.  Nothing to lose.  Everything to gain.



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