The trusty steed

From cross country to trail, the Mach 429 Carbon reigns supreme. The 429 has won awards for best XC 29er and now follows it up by winning this year’s Bicycling Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award for best 29er trail bike. The Mach 429 has enjoyed podiums in everything from National XC races, to the biggest 24 hour and Endurance races while being at home on your favorite trails as well.

The 429 Carbon is a bike that is seems without boundaries. At its heart is an incredibly potent racing platform that is by far the stiffest, most efficient chassis in its class. Combined with the dw-link’s® unparalleled pedaling efficiency, there is nothing that can lay down the power like the 429. At the same time, the 429’s handling strikes that perfect balance between short track precision and all day long trail riding capability. The dw-link® suspension, custom tuned Fox shock and the Mach 429’s balanced geometry delivers descending capabilities that flat out surpass much longer travel designs. Throw a leg over the Mach 429 Carbon, and you’ll know immediately that you’re riding the most efficient, fastest, and best 29er full suspension bike made.

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Get your arse into see Locky and the switched-on, friendly crew at Fitzroy Cycles, Carnegie. Awesome service, gun mechanics and way more bike bling than your recommended daily allowance.

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