This training regimen was originally designed to address the various demands of the 2012 24-hour World’s Toughest Mudder but is unquestionably adaptable to any distance race that demands a strong cardiovascular capacity and solid power:weight ratio. However, please note you may find some restriction of overhead free weights and skipping drills to compensate for a ruptured supraspinatus (rotator cuff tendon), bicep tendosis and damaged AC joint I was dealing with at the time.  Not a lot of fun, but that’s all sorted now 🙂

This training content is not within the boundaries of what many people would call “normal”. The physical demands are significant, however all movements can be scaled up or down to accommodate any athlete. Largely underpinned by CrossFitCrossFit Endurance and mobility, stretch drills, this requires a hardened mental approach.

The training sessions are a good mix of short/sharp through to epic enduros.  In the lead-up to the WTM event I peaked with an 8-hour challenge event aptly termed July Debris…it was indeed a doozey…you should give it a crack when you feel ready.  After recovering, it was time to cycle through a second training wave that further increased running mileage.

As your own race draws nearer, my advice is to avoid the temptation to train too much. You will not be able to positively influence your fitness level in the days leading up to the race; however, you can negatively impact your race by training during that time (training meaning anything of significant duration or intensity). As well-known US coach Jeff Cuddeback states, “If you think you’re going to further your fitness through training the week of your key race, you’re sadly mistaken. If you are the type to train right up to the event, you will almost certainly underperform.”

By accessing the training material within this website you acknowledge that participating in any of the exercises or sequences contained within is your decision alone. The author takes no responsibility for any injury you may sustain during, or as a result of any movements or activity within the program content. Use at your own risk.

The cornerstone of my endurance and body-weight training was derived from the documents attached below.  Feel free to click on each button to download a copy for yourself.  There is some sick stuff in here.

downloadbut-flashing-side-arrow-animation        downloadbut-flashing-side-arrow-animationdownloadbut-flashing-side-arrow-animation

As an alternative source, the Training & Stuff drop box on the right side of the page contains the full history of all posts to this site. The training sessions have been categorised to help fine tune your search according to the style of workout you’re hunting for, however the general structure of a “blog” means you’ll probably have to sift through a bit of content in the process. You can also check out plenty of training sessions by clicking through to my Movescount profile (pre-2013 have the nastiest ones) or via the Twitter feed at the bottom of the page.   If you have any questions, please don’t be shy about asking via email.

Suunto Movescount Profile

See you at the start line !

 Henry Says


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